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The novel Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, deals with a futuristic apocalypse that happens to an entire society and creates an new opportunity for the book’s main character Guy Montag. This apocalypse needed to happen because it provides Montag with meaning, which allows him to fully transform. Through Montag’s experiences to find answers and happiness, he begins to have realization and goes through a transformation from being the representation of evil and destruction to good.
Guy Montag’s character starts off as a representation of a satanic figure living in a destructive society where he burns books for a living. He explained how, “it was a pleasure to burn” (Bradbury, 1) because ...view middle of the document...

This seems to catch Montag off guard and makes him question the importance of books. He soon after decides to read and hide books despite being a firefighter who is against books in general. The introduction to books demonstrates that Montag has a certain curiosity and is beginning to question whether his unhappiness is caused by the lack of books.
Throughout the novel, the use of light plays an important role in Montag’s transformation. At the beginning, the light and fire used is to represent destruction and gives the impression the Montag is a monster. When he is introduced to Clarisse, she sparks a comforting light in Montag’s view. He describes her as a “strangely comfortable and rare and gently flattering light of a candle”(Bradbury, 5). From this encounter on, Montag begins to slowly question the society he lives in and his own happiness. He is so shocked by Clarisse’s ways at the beginning of the book because she talks about her respect and appreciate toward nature. She talks about how society is oblivious and refuses to take the time to appreciate what nature has to offer. Another reason Montag is unhappy is because the world he lives is dumbed down. He is trying to be able to think for himself and to be able to create a change. He is trying to become the soft, comforting candlelight. After the death of Clarisse, her ghostly presence continues to have an impact on ’s transformation. Montag slowly begins to transform into a Clarisse-like figure. He discusses the issue about reading books with Beatty and he asks a question that Clarisse would
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ask. “He opened his mouth and it was Clarisse McClellan saying, “Didn’t firemen prevent fires rather than stoke them up and get them going?” (Bradbury, 31). This demonstrates that is beginning to think for himself like Clarisse does and that he should question whether or not he thinks that burning books is the right thing to do.
As Montag begins to read and analyze books, he tries to make meaning of what he was reading. By doing so,...

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