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Montana 1948 Larry Watson Question: Montana 1948 Shows That When The Truth Is Not Told People And Communities Suffer. Discuss

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The story is told through the eyes of David Hayden in which we see events that clearly explain that when the truth is not told people and communities suffer. Racial prejudice, loyalty, law and justice are all factors that contribute to the emotional sufferings of the Sioux women, David's family and the Hayden name in the small town of Bentrock. In Montana 1948 we learn why and how they suffered and the outcome severity of the crimes that were committed by Frank Hayden.Frank Hayden; son to Julian Hayden, brother to Wes and Uncle to David had committed a crime that had not yet been revealed and the Sioux women were being treated unfairly because of it. They were being sexually abused and discriminated against and no one but the women themselves were aware of it or for that matter believed in it because, "They were Indians, why would they tell the truth?" The women were emotionally traumatised; they felt cheated, humiliated, like second citizens of no value, they were simply just 'red meat'. Marie Little Soldier, adored and respected by David, was murdered. All because she began to expose Frank's dirty little secrets. Although Frank's death put a stop to the molestation, the damage to the Sioux women could not be undone, it would be with them forever.David and his family also suffered from the immoral activity and the subsequent legal proceedings pursued against Frank. There were disagreements between Wes and his wife Gail on whether Wes should investigate and prosecute his own brother. Wes wanted to stay loyal to his family and was reluctant to prosecute whilst Gail was more for doing the right thing, " That's not the way it works, sins-crimes are not supposed to go unpunished". For their son David, witnessing these events at a tender age of 12, tore him apart. His exposure to the traumatic episodes may have pressured him into comprehending unsavoury behaviour and deprived him of certainty. Events that troubled David into this fast maturing process were the constant bitter family disputes, the lies and cover ups that were manifested and having to see his mother and father face such difficult and courageous decisions in order to protect and keep...

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2045 words - 8 pages is the town sheriff. As a visitor to the town you would think that no place like this would need a sheriff however this town has many dark secrets. He is very loyal to his father even though it is very obvious that his brother is their father favourite.3. David's mother wanted his father to become a lawyer because the job was of a better status and would get them out of Montana. She did not want David to grow up in Montana, as she feared for his

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1264 words - 5 pages The establishing of characters and the positioning of a reader to respond to the characters and the issues presented is greatly influence by a certain point of view. "Montana 1948" by Larry Watson employs the use of a first person point of view to successfully establish the characters and shape the readers' response towards the individual characters and issues within the novel. Through the use of both the naive 12 year old and the intrusions of

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847 words - 3 pages evidence pointing in one direction but sadly it isn't so. Criminals are continually freed while the victims are discarded and left with the pain, the memory and the loss faith in justice. In 1948, it was even easier for criminals to get away with crimes especially when they were a respected white male with power. And with that said, we look at Montana 1948, written by Larry Watson, and we see the incidents with Mr. Frank Hayden. The power that Mr

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679 words - 3 pages Montana 1948- Title: Montana 1948 ; Genre- American West Fiction- Author: Larry Watson; Birth - 1948. Still living- Publication Date: 1993- Plot Summary: David Hayden lives in a small town called Bentrock, Montana. The Haydens is a powerful family of Mercer County, including members such as the local sheriff and a war hero. The summer of 1948 is a turning point in David's life forever changes his point of view on everything he's ever known

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1174 words - 5 pages . Not everyone is as perfect as they make it seem, but because they make themselves seem faultless, they make others feel inadequate and be self conscious about their faults. More defects are then covered up, leading to more dishonesty in society.In the novel Montana 1948 by Larry Watson, the life of a seemingly perfect family is thrown into chaos by the actions of a family member. David Hayden, the main character of the novel, is forced to grow

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787 words - 3 pages Race, social status and gender are three factors, in which society uses to judge people. Although many people do not agree with this aspect, our society embraces it by categorizing all people under theses three factors. Those who consider themselves to be better then others, attempt to belittle those whom they consider to be weaker. These people are often known, as the Fringe of society. Montana 1948 is an excellent example of this struggle

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1153 words - 5 pages links, through the abuse of powerful people on those who lack power, and the minority that have both power and ethical values. These common threads link to the ways that choice is used in 'Montana 1948', By Larry Watson.The novel 'Montana 1948' explores three very different characters and their relationships. It shows the large impact that choice can have on people. Wesley is the main body of power in the novel and his choices made are influenced

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804 words - 4 pages Many of life’s experience colour the way we look at ourselves and society in which we live. The novel Montana 1948 by Larry Watson is indeed all about the tragic event of David Hayden’s twelfth summer, which irrevocably changed him. These events help us understand the idea of coming of age and how childhood experiences change us and affect how we define ourselves as adults. Montana 1948 is set in a small country town in Mercer County, Montana

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1315 words - 6 pages event. Watson further explores the themes of racism and coming of age using the motifs. Watson in his text uses recurring motifs to develop ideas making them clearer to his audience. Setting is used to emphasize the motif of silence. It is without doubt that 'Montana 1948' is a tale about the struggle between truth and justice. During the tragic events which took place in the 'Wild West' town of Bentrock, misuse of power and reputation is seen