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Montana Needs Alternative Energy Essay

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The modern world is constantly attempting to create a smarter, cheaper, and more efficient living environment, in the fields of government, technology, and most of all, energy. Alternative energy has been on the agenda of every scientist and politician alike since the early 1990’s and increasing constantly with the advancement of the liberal political world since the early 2000’s, for the reasons of global warming, emission release and other motivations. Montana and its people’s attempt to modernize the potential substitution of fossil fuel energy has been impeded by the immense number of conservative political leaders in the late 20th and early 21st century. Montana currently is improving and modernizing, containing one major politician opposed to alternative energy, House Representative Denny Rehberg; and three endorsing a change, Senator Jon Tester, Max Baucus and Governor Brian Schweitzer. Montana must exercise its vast renewable resource potential advance economically, politically, and to assure the security of the immense natural beauty contained within the Montana borders. Montana is famous for the elegant scenery and infinite mountains regions. The American fantasy of the “wild west” prospers and lingers in Montana, Montanan culture, and everyday life; ultimately contributing to the high percentage of economic tourism prosperity, and conservative residents. Montana’s land mass contains an astonishing amount of alternative energies, including wind, solar, ethanol, and many more.
In-fact, Montana possesses the third production potential of wind energy and second in overall alternative energies in the United States, including the previous forces stated (See Fig. 1). Wind energy is an alternative energy that harnesses the use of wind turbines to convert wind currents into electrical or mechanical energy (Ghandakly). Wind power began with sails in sailboats over 5,000 years ago, then, wind turbines became practical in the Middle East for irrigation in 600 A.D. In a modern perspective, wind turbines generated 340 TWh in 2009, roughly %3 of world wide power (Ghandakly). Wind energy is expected to expand significantly with-in the next ten years, rising from above %2 to an astonishing %20, due to government funding has significantly increased (Simon). The major problem with wind energy is the lack of an efficient means of storing the energy after it has been created via wind turbine. Wind energy is possibly the most suitable for Montana in the field of renewable resources, due to the superior quantities of wind in the western portion of the state; in result of the mountain wind rolling off the Rocky Mountains (Ghandakly). Though Montana contains prime wind energy potential, the land has not been utilized; Montana ranks eighteenth for total wind power in the United States ( Montana politicians have begun increasing wind output, by the end of 2011 more than 500, 500 Mw turbines are predicted to be installed ( Wind...

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