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Monte Cristo Analysis

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Throughout the book The Count of Monte Cristo justice is being taken by the count. This justice is brought on because of him being wrongly imprisoned. When the count escapes from prison he starts dealing this justice to the people who aided in wrongly persecuting him. The count is helped in this process by the fortune that Abbe Faria, the count’s friend he made in prison, gave him that was the fortune of the Spada family. This fortune helped the count be able to deal justice by manipulating the people that he seeks revenge on; this justice is truly just because the count gives his recipients of the justice chances to break the reigns of justice but their own personalities destroy them.
The Count of Monte Cristo while taking revenge on the four people that he has sworn vengeance, never directly harms the individuals that he takes revenge on. All his revenge is taken through his state of being an agent of Providence that he has set for himself and that he believes he has. The count explains his position of Providence in a dialogue with Villefort in saying “But Satan bowed his head and sighed. ‘You are mistaken,’ he said, ‘Providence does exist, but it is invisible...All I can do for you is to make you one of the agents of Providence.’ I made the bargain with him...” (Dumas 231). With the count having the idea of being an agent of Providence and having an almost unlimited fortune to do with what he pleases, he set up everything that was needed to ruin the lives of his victims without having to physically do anything. This is shown by the count getting Benedetto out of jail to be used against his Villefort. With Villefort being Benedetto’s father the count saw a great opportunity to ruin Villefort’s credibility as a trustworthy man of the law.
With the events surrounding Caderousse the count did nothing to harm him anyhow, on the contrary he helped Caderousse. The count, in disguised form as a priest, gave Caderousse a diamond worth about 50,000 Francs. This diamond should have been enough for Caderousse and his wife to live a comfortable life, but the count knowing how greedy Caderousse was, expected him to do illegal actions because of this diamond causing him to either die or be imprisoned....

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