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Montressor's Plan To Murder Fortunato Essay

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“Hey Montressor, watch I bet you can’t do this!” Fortunato then does a backflip from standing on the ground and lands it successfully which of course Montressor was jealous of since he knew he couldn’t accomplish this or nearly anything else that Fortunato could. This battle has gone on since they could talk, Fortunato is always better with everything he does and Montressor doesn’t like this. Although Montressor does not like that Fortunato is better than him he has never done anything about it or confronted him to tell him he is jealous of the things he rubs in his face that he can do. Although, Montressor always did say he was going to get his revenge and next Friday he was going to get it by any means. He was not quite sure what he was going to do, but one thing was for sure, Fortunato was not coming out of it alive.
A week after Montressor decided he was going to get his revenge he ran into Fortunato, walking through downtown. “Montressor” Fortunato called as he ran down the sidewalk to catch up with him. Montressor sighed and turned around, “What’s up man”. “Not much” Fortunato said, I have an idea for this weekend; let’s go to the fall festival Saturday”. “Nah man, I’m just going to stay home this weekend” Montressor replied. “No you’re not, Hildreth is going.” Hildreth Maverick was Montressor’s childhood crush; he could never get up the nerve to ask her out though. “How’d you get her to go” Montressor asked, suddenly intrigued. “I told her that I had a date for her and she said yes, you know she doesn’t get out of the house often”. “Is it just her coming?” “No Olga is coming too!” replied Fortunato. “Wait, Olga Gertrude?” Montressor inquired. Montressor remembered Olga from his and Fortunato’s high school days, she wasn’t the prettiest girl but then again Fortunato didn’t care because he was worried about quantity not quality. “Well I will catch you later Montressor, we can catch up some more at the festival.” Fortunato then walks off and Montressor begins to have second thoughts about getting revenge on him, he thinks that Fortunato has changed.
Saturday, Montressor and Fortunato meet up at the festival along with Hildreth and Olga as well. “Hey Hildreth I haven’t seen you in years!” Montressor exclaimed. “Hey Montressor, how have you been? We haven’t talked since high school.” “I have been great, I have been wondering if I would ever see you again!” “Yeah we all know you had the biggest crush on her in high school Montressor.” Fortunato uttered. “Yeah and that’s why I am glad you invited her here as my date.” Montressor replied....

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