A Review Of The Materpieve The Monument To Mignard Painted By Francois Boucher

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As you walk into the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (LACMA), the sheer amount of paintings to view can be overwhelming but each is a masterpiece of its own as you pass by each art frame by frame from all different time. Francois Boucher, one of the greatest artist in the 18th century, was born in Paris, France on 1703 and later died on May 30th 1770. A painting that stands out is the Monument to Mignard, a painting Francois Boucher created around 1735 using oil on canvas with the dimensions of 28 ½ x 22 5/8 in. (72.39 x 57.47 cm). The Monument to Mignard has a lot of visual elements as you take a closer look and with imagination; people can conjure up the content of this masterpiece.
The artwork is very interesting as the painting is very detailed and have a strong sense of symbolism behind the center piece. The content of the Monument to Mignard can be looked at a grieving woman thinking about her husband on a platform of a monument. There is two cupids grieving to the left of the man and in front of the woman. One cupid sitting on the edge of the platform clutching a dead bird on its arm, symbolizing that there is death between the two lovers. The other cupid that is standing up crying holding its right hand against the side of the man, which symbolize that the man has passed away and not among the living. There is an angel looking down at the vicinity of the man, woman, and the two cupids. The angel himself could be the angel of death, which takes the dead to heaven. The painting takes place inside building that is probably around the roman era because of the perfect arches and their integration of the Greek Doric columns. There is a total of eight columns, four on each side that supports the arch in the upper middle part of the painting. On the upper left and right part of the base for the arch, a person will see that there is little chips off the concrete. On the lower right side on the base of the columns the person will see that there is a crack on the concrete, making a person observing the painting see that the structure is very old. On the center of the painting, there is a monument that looks like a short dagger. The monument has a base looks the like a handle of a dagger with the pommel on the bottom, crossguard at top and the handle in between. Right above it looks like the upper base of the monument, with the lower part of it is narrow and gets wider on the top. The top of the upper base has a platform that a person can stand or sit on and in the center of the upper base is what looks like an obelisk. The obelisk can be seen as the blade of a dagger and a symbol of death. On the left side of the platform, one will see the woman kneeling and praying like a person would in a church. On the inner side of her is a man looking toward the right side of the painting with his eyes shadowed, as he does not acknowledge the woman’s presence and the woman does not acknowledge his. On the right side of the monument there is two cupids,...

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