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Monumental Changes Across The Globe In History

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Emily Berman
History 103
Professor Donnelly
February 26, 2014
Monumental Changes across the Globe in History
Since the beginning of time, all sorts of changes have occurred throughout the world. Changes in nature, in people, in cities, in countries, wars, politics, kingdoms, etc. Three significant major changes in history that occurred before 1500, that shaped the world were: the Neo-Lithic Revolution, Alexander the Great’s conquests, and the travels of Marco Polo.
Firstly, the Neolithic Revolution is a great place to start in History because that is when the first major shift of among people’s way of life throughout the whole world occurs. It occurred approximately 10,000 years ago. Many hunter-gatherers turned into farmers because they saw it was a good opportunity to have a larger quantity of food readily available. This change in living caused a massive landslide of other changes to occur with it, such as growth in populations, cities were built and a rise of cities occurred, quantity of food over quality of food, sometimes crops were destroyed by nature, and disease spread because of larger populations living together. Although some negative effects from early farming occurred, the good effects eventually got better and overshadowed the negative. The main advantage to this change, is that people learned and continue to learn how to better develop farming, city building, and health techniques over time, even to this day in the year 2014!
Many conquests have occurred over time, but Alexander the Great’s conquests left a large mark in History. Also known as Alexander III of Macedon (356-323 BC), he assumed the throne after his father, Phillip II was assassinated and ruled 335-323 BC. Alexander had a personal mission of conquering the known world. What started Alexander’s conquests were the Greek’s plea for help to stop the Persian Empire’s looming threat and attacks. He first challenged Darius III, King of Kings, of the Persian Empire, and after a series of battles, he defeated Darius for the last time in the Battle of Gaugamela (331 BC). Alexander and his army advanced into the core of the Persian Empire. Darius, previously outwitted, tried a new, desperate strategy of trying to defeat Alexander, simply with as many men as he could gather. Unfortunately for Darius, the Hoplite Phalanx formation tore through his formations and made their way to him, so he fled the scene. Alexander and his Guard chased him in hot pursuit. After killing him, he claimed Darius made him successor to the Persian throne. Also known as Alexander’s greatest victory because this victory made him the Persian King of Kings, he had overthrown the known world’s greatest and most threatening empires (Persia), and had access to more troops and the land’s resources to continue his campaign. This was the key...

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