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Monwara Sarah And Wahida And Samia And Maryam And My Neighbours Cats Dogs Brothers Sons Daughters Rabbits Pups

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Another poem which can be compared to the novella ‘Of Mice and Men’ is ‘The Farmers Bride’ written by Charlotte Mew. This once again explores the relationship between husband and wife without an element of honest affection towards each other leading to failed marriages. The poem begins ‘Three summers since I chose a maid’. Like Curleys wife the farmer’s bride also has no distinct identity and is merely a possession. This emphasizes the meagre status of a woman in a male dominated society. The way the poem is put is presented one could possibly suggest the farmer ‘chose’ a bride in a state of compulsion. This does resemble the scenario of Curley and his wife presented by Steinbeck in ‘Of Mice ...view middle of the document...

Crook can also be compared to the farmer’s bride because both are engulfed by many people yet are destined solitude. While Crooks happily pleases himself with books and knowledge the farmer bride resents human interaction as her eyes beseech ‘not near, not near!’ she happily involves herself with nature. Both males are presented to be quite dismissive in regards to their wife and appear to have married as being able to have a wife was considered a fortune in the olden era. Ranch workers as it is, were considered the ‘loneliest guys’ and farmers felt more reputed as the marital status followed them. The famer was clearly more concerned regarding his harvest as he thought ‘too young maybe-but there is more to do, at harvest time than bide and woo’. Limited reciprocation from someone who she had to spend her entire life with could be possibly to blame for her sudden change in personality. In ‘Of Mice and Men’ Curleys wife is attracted towards him but is hesitant to say much due to his aggressive nature, on the other hand it is the farmer who is attracted towards his wife but is afraid of harming her as she comes across as ‘sweet as the first wild violets’.
‘Nettles’ written by Vernon Scannell is yet again another poem which can be used to resemble the relationship between Lennie and George. In ‘Nettles’ the story presented is of a father who makes many attempts to keep his son protected against the cruel world and the sharp pains lurking around every corner. Similarly in the novella ‘Of Mice and Men’ George makes several attempts to cover up for Lennie and to stick up for him whenever he can because at the end of the day despite physically appearing to be quite mature and grown up Lennie does actually possess the mind of a child. The poet uses connotations to war to enhance the pain inflicted upon his son by a ‘regiment of spite’ which were nettles. Throughout the poem initially all is good but then is disrupted similar to ‘Of Mice and Men’ where nature is always peaceful but then is disrupted especially whenever anything happens regarding Lennie and George and the American dream. In ‘Nettles’ the pain inflicted upon the child was not as severe as for Lennie. The impact would only be his father feels the pain, however, in the novella when George kills Lennie it is not as painful as the death Curley would have given him but when he dies it has a major impact as the American dream dies with Lennie also dies. During both the poem and novella a sense of distance is created an idea is put forward that life is going to present war everyday and escaping everyday is not possible because you would be challenging the inevitable. In the poem ‘Nettles’ the poet expresses ‘it was no place for rest. With sobs and tears’ this resembles the atmosphere at the ranch there was always something or the other going on. In the sentence the poet uses caesura which indicates conflict and tension, this could also imply a turning point in the story. In the novella there are...

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