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Mooc Essay

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This day is no different than usual; I get up brush my teeth, wash my face and fill my coffee mug as I prepare for class. The only difference is I’m still in my pajamas and the class is on my laptop. The class is American Poetry being taught by a professor at University of California. The professor and students sit in a lecture hall across the country. The professor’s presence is strong as he gives his lecture walking around the lecture hall. I was excited to be among the 5000 plus students, taking part in a class at such an elite institution. I choose this course to prepare myself for a course I’ll take when enrolled in Rutgers next semester. This course was one of UCLA distant learning courses (MOOC) offered to adults no prerequisites or experience required. Massive Open Online Courses, MOOC for short are online courses offered by some colleges and Universities mostly tuition free. All MOOC courses are via the internet, but some have a chat room component giving students an opportunity to chat with classmates all over the country about the lecture. I’ve taken advantage of several distant learning courses in the past. I could have read a book, watched a video, or taken and actual online class. However MOOC afforded me the opportunity to get some insight to the subject at a top University for free.
Through the years education has evolved with technology. Technology has changed the way students are educated. Distant learning gave education opportunity to people near and far. In the early 1700’s student used distance learning to take correspondence courses, to teach students shorthand. The 1800’s focused on educating people with disabilities and those living in rural areas. In the 1900’s Daniel Albert and Don Blitzer created Plato (Programmed logic for automated teaching operations) one of the first...

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