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After 45 years, the moon landing hoax is still a prominent debate. On July 20, 1969 America changed forever. This remarkable event had not taken not because of any event that took place here on earth, but a remarkable event that happen in the heavens, when man first walked on the moon. At this time our world was changing in leaps and bounds and it was a time of endless opportunity. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, theorists say the moon landing was stage The U.S. government, desperate to either beat the Soviets in the space race or distract from Vietnam, put Neil Armstrong under lights on a secret set somewhere in the desert. Despite theorists' claims that man never landed on the moon, their supposed evidence contain black and white fallacy, circular reasoning, non sequitur fallacy, and straw man fallacies. Scientists have proven that these claims are invalid with explanations of the discrepancies that theorists have failed to acknowledge.Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that when the first moon landing was shown on live television, viewers could clearly see the American flag waving and fluttering as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted it. Clint Rainey of New York Times argues, "Old Gloey's slo-mo ripple effect is the original proof Armstrong and Aldrin were just overeducated actors, The moon has no air, cynics point out, hence no breeze"(Rainey1). This ridiculous claim is a black and white fallacy because he is implying that there is only two reasons that could make the flag move. As NASA points out it is the lack of friction, "The flag was rippling because when the astronaut put the flag in, he might have pushed it a bit and because of the law of action and reaction (3rd Newton's law) and law of inertia (1st Newton's law), it continued to ripple" (NASA This evidence in the moonlanding hoax is misleading and inaccurate.Perhaps the oldest and most favorite argument is the absence of stars in the background of any Apollo photographs on the lunar surface. Without an atmosphere to diffuse their light, the star's light should be plainly visible to the moon. Rainey argues, "Why in NASA's photo is the sky a jet-black void?" This argument is circular reasoning because theorist are not showing evidence as to why there are no stars. National Geographic scientifically explains why there are no stars, "the moon's surface reflects sunlight, and that glare would have made stars difficult to see. Also, the astronauts photographed their lunar adventures using fast exposure settings, which would have limited incoming background light. Believers of this hoax need to examine the evidence before they fall for the hoax.Many things have been supposedly brought back from the moon, but theorists claim that they are not real. One of the most famous photos from the moon landings shows a rock in the foreground, with...

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888 words - 4 pages Did We Really Land on the Moon?Jerry BennettBeattie/RoweFebruary 20,2003Bennett 4Works Cited"Apollo 11". Grolier Interactive Encyclopedia 2001. February 12,2003"Apollo Program". Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2001 February 12,2003"Moon Hoax". MSN 2-12-03Yen, Bill. The Astronauts. New York:Exter Books. 1987. 52-68Beattie 5th hr. Bennett 1Did We Really Land On The Moon?Do you think we landed on the moon in 1969? NASA launched the Apollo 11 on a

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3883 words - 16 pages of how to fix the federal deficit, social security, and Medicare, instead of doing missions in the moon. Robert from Ft. Lauderdale feels different from the most people this decade saying that "its about time, there are so many skeptics that feel it was all a hoax back in 1969. Let's show those idiots that we're the only country to put man on the moon. Geoff Lane from Bury feels that 100 billion is just a $1 a day per US citizen for a year

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1454 words - 6 pages Jan. 2014. Fox, Josh. "10 Reasons the Moon Landings Could Be a Hoax." Listverse. Jamie Look, 28 Dec. 2012. Web. 05 Jan. 2014. Ghosh Palash"Space Odyssey: Were The Apollo Moon Landings Faked By Film Director Stanley Kubrick " International Business Times. IBT Media Inc, 4 Apr. 2013. Web. 05 Jan. 2014. Day, Dwayne A. "We Never Went to the Moon (No, Really.)." The Space Review:. The Space Reveiw, 19 July 2004. Web. 05 Jan. 2014. Quinn, Delores. "TruTV: Not Reality. Actuality." The Moon-Landing Hoax: Did Man Really Walk on the Moon? TruTV, n.d. Web. 09 Jan. 2014.

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935 words - 4 pages the first place. If we ever try get to the moon, there is a possibility that we will never succeed.Works Cited"Van Allen Belt." Def. American-Heritage Dictionary. Page 888. 3rd Edition.Branley, Franklin Mansfield. The Great Moon Hoax. Ginn Publishing. Page 185.Dreyer, Ronnie Gale. Vedic Astrology: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Jyotish. SamuelWeiser, Inc. Page 187.Lindsay, Hamish. Tracking Apollo to the Moon. Springer Publications. Page 17.Page 185.Plait, Philip. Bad Astronomy. Wiley Publishers. Pages 159-197.Wilhelm, Ernst. Vault of the Heavens, Textbook of Vedic Astrology. Kala Occult Publishers.