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Moon Landing Hoax Essay

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  Although Technology to fake the moon landing did not exist at the time, the U.S. Government was desperate to beat the Russians in the space race, faked the lunar landings by having NASA. Stage the whole thing. There has been a number of people who believe the moon landings never actually happened, faked right before our eyes maybe by our own government and other organizations.Our Government merely could have cheated public people out of billions of tax dollars just so they could beat the soviet union in the space race. NASA could have easily tampered with the photos tapes and other evidence just to make us believe that man has been to the moon. Conspirator’s more than likely believe by reason of this would not be the first time the gov has lied or hid something from the people. Who is to say man did go to the moon who’s to say we didn't there are many arguments for and against the moon landing did NASA really have the technology to do this?
  The Apollo 11 mission on July 16, 1969 was to have humans land on the moon and to come back alive, the Apollo 11 launch happened at the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex and allegedly came back on July 24th. This had come across to many people as one of the best accomplishments of mankind where as others (skeptics) began wondering if the whole moon landing thing even ever happened in the first place. As of now 20% of Americans believe the proclaimed moon landing was just a 30 billion dollar swindle by NASA and the government. Conspirator’s base their claims on our Government and other organizations could have knowingly mislead the public eye into believing the moon landings happened by destroying evidence (rock samples, photos, tapes). A poll (The Gallup Poll) taken in 1999 says that six percent of the American population believed the moon landing was faked.Another poll taken in 2005-06 by Mary Lynne Dittmar, a space consultant found that 27% of people ages 18 to 24 were unsure of the Apollo moon landings (Quinn 1). The arguments against this theory state that there was indeed technology to send man to the moon , but the technology to fake the whole thing did not yet exist making the theory highly unlikely. This subject has got many thinking like author Bill Kaysing who wrote the book We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, published in 1976. The publishing of this book brought many more conspiracies to light, Bill Kaysing Argues NASA could not have have possibly sent man to the moon due to the following: (1) NASA not having the technical ability to send dispatch a human to the moon (2) Optical Anomalies in photos (3) Absence of the obvious stars, main light source, impact crater (4) mysterious death of Thomas Ronald Baron a quality control inspector for NAA (North American Aviation). The book puts out information informing the public “maybe we didn't go to the moon after all.”
  Other theories include NASA faking the landing by staging the whole thing with Disney sponsors,...

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