Moon Of Two Dark Hoarses (Coshmoos Dream And Reality)

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Coshmoo was a 14-year-old Indian boy who dreamed that there would be no war. He dreamed everyone would live in harmony. In reality, it was the French and Indian War and it was anything but harmonious. It was the 18th Century in America, which was a chaotic time in history. His tribe tried to stay neutral during the war, but it was difficult.
Coshmoo wanted his family and tribe to be safe from the war. He had lost his dad in a battle a few years earlier, which was a painful loss to him. Coshmoo had dreams about a bear. Every time he shot it, it grew larger. This was like the French and Indian War. Coshmoo could never conquer the bear in the dream. His dream was impossible, there was no way he could settle the war by himself.
His village wanted to stay neutral, but it was nearly impossible because so many people were persuaded to join the war. I think it would be hard to stay neutral in his situation. Coshmoo and his village didn’t have many supplies because traders only traded with neighboring Indians that were involved in the war. He was getting moved further and further back by settlers and he couldn’t do anything about it, nor could his village. He wouldn’t go anywhere that people would perceive that he was part of the war. He didn’t want to join the war at all.
Coshmoo couldn’t settle the war. He believed that there were trapped souls in a willow tree and if he freed them it would end the war. Coshmoo couldn’t go to the willow because it was on the land of another tribe. He decided to go anyway, which put himself...

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