"Moon Palace" By Paul Auster. A Description Of The Plot And A Creative Diary Task.

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This is the story of Marco Stanley Fogg, an orphan searching for love, his father and the key

to the riddle of his origin and fate.

Marco's mother was killed in a car accident when he was eleven years old, and he never knew

who was his father. Since then he had lived with his Uncle Victor in a small apartment on 112th

Street in N.Y. His Uncle was a part of a band who was named Wally Moon and preformed at

the Moon Palace diner.

When Stanley grew up he went to the University; Uncle Victor gave him for this occasion a

present, one thousand books. Afterwards, his Uncle had suddenly died. Then Stanley's

situation became worse; He saw his money dwindle to zero, he lost the apartment and wound

up living in the streets (He slept for three weeks in Central Park without food and with little

money). His friends David Zimmer and Kitty Wu had found him and took care of him til he

recover from his illness.

Staley lived in Zimmer's house until he had moved away to another apartment, then Stanley

searched for a new place to live and found a job as a live-in companion for an elderly

gentleman in a wheelchair. He lived with him for about half year until the gentleman died. His

name was Effing Thomas but his real name was Julian Barber. In the past he was a famous

painter but he stopped painting after the death of his brother and he changed...

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