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Our trio Artisan Jazz, slipped into a red-hot groove last night. My intuition told me we were under the intoxicating influence of the full moon.
I sorted through my in-box where I keep low-priority mail, unsolicited calendars from my alma mater, Prudential Insurance, the Humane Society. Though they listed Arbor Day, Benito Juarez’s birthday, Eid a Fitr day, nowhere did they note the moon cycle.
For fear of being characterized as an astrology freak, someone who consults a star ephemeris every time he goes to his poker game, let me assure you, I haven’t a Druidic bone in my body. You’ll never find me casting the runes, auguring pigeon entrails, or avoiding black cats. I never dance on the knoll under the full moon--unless of course, my date likes that sort of thing.
Still, I believe the moon does affect us. Put me in a storm cellar, I'll guess when the moon's at apogee. It’s that feeling you get on a rolly coaster, the momentary pause at the top of the hump before all that stored kinetic energy is released and you plummet over the precipice.
I was an arts director at a downtown library for years. All our lunatics descended upon us on the night of the full moon as if chartered on the Luna Express: the rumpled anorexic creature who sprayed DuPont Day-Glo up his nose and played Dr. Demento disks; the preacher, dapper in a Thrift Store suit, who delivered dramatic recits from a desk dictionary; a city accountant, from all appearances the consummate professional, who felt a compulsion to spray our oversize art books.
That all of us are affected came home to me in my writerly life. I began to notice that when the moon was most aglow I was as voluble as Shakespeare, a cacophony of voices struggling to be heard, like a high volume day on the New York Stock Exchange.
Absurd of us to subscribe to the butterfly theory, the notion that the flutter of wings over Padre Island can cause a typhoon in Malaysia, and then to disbelieve we are influenced by a moon that, when full, has the ability to lift tidal water six and eight feet. For scientists to maintain that the moon doesn't affect us is like saying Brittany Spears doesn’t have mood swings.
Many claim they feel energized, just can't get to sleep on the night of the full moon. Or maybe their hamsters are keeping them up. Hamsters work out more aggressively on their treadmills this time of month.
Experts on animal behavior point out that deer and other herbivores tend to ovulate at the full moon. In the Great Barrier Reef, the full moon is mating time for coral. Gives new meaning to songs such as Moon River, Moonlight Becomes You and Moondance. I don't know about you but I am not quite as romantic when my date and I are under a halogen street lamp, though the luminosity and blue shift are about right.
Farmers going back to the beginnings of agriculture worked day and night to pick crop at peak – why we call it the Harvest moon.
My daddy claimed fish are biting during the full moon, as did...

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