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Moral And Ethics: Choosing To Do The Right Things

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Moral ethics are doing what's right just because you know its right. For example if you see someone drop a 20 dollar bill. Will you chose to do the right thing which is to give it to them or the not so good thing and that would be to keep it? My opinion and my mom and dads opinion is that if you find money and you didn't see any body drop it than I would keep it but if you see someone drop it then I would give it back to them. That is mine and my parents opinion because when i find money I tell my mom or dad and they would say keep it if you didn't see anyone drop it. One time my mom was driving out of Walmart and she saw a 20 dollar bill out on the ground. She told one of us to get out and ...view middle of the document...

We often tend to take on the beliefs and worldview of our parents, our friends at school and others who play influential part in our upbringing. Everybody in this whole world sins every day and does not even know that they do it. Nobody in this world is perfect. Even jesus has sinned before in his lifetime. I know this because of church and youth. I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday.

When someone is born is there actions made by how you're raised or how you act? Well my opinion is that its how your raised and when your mom and dad raises you they have to feed you, shelter you, love you, and pay for your education to learn. If you don't learn then you'll never know how to act. If your parents beat you and abuse you than you would get mad and then you could kill someone or kill yourself and your parents.

One of my friends says that your actions are by what you would choose. Well if you and your friend were at a park and he asked you if you would join him and beat a kid up. You get to choose would you do the right thing and say no and also go tell someone or You can do the wrong thing and go bully this kid he is talking about. Well i would do the right thing. Moral ethics is about respect, not to bully, do the right thing, never make a suicide. When someone asks you to do something thats bad and thats not the right thing then you need to say no and go tell someone and if they try to make you or hurt you and your family then try and do something lie and tell them that you will be right back and don't tell them that...

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