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Moral Lessons For Children Depicted In Three Versions Of The Fairy Tale, The Three Little Pigs

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Fairy tales read to young children not only served as a form of entertainment for the child, but they also taught children the difference between what is good and what is bad. The Three Little Pigs is a prime example of the morals and lessons that children were taught while reading a fairy tale. The fact that the tale is equipped with adventure and the ability for animals to talk causes children to immerse in the text while acknowledging the consequences of laziness of the first two little pigs and the result of evil for the sneakiness of the big bad wolf. The tale does however teach children the benefits of hard-work when at the end the third pig lives happily ever after in his sturdy house made of bricks. Comparing three different versions of The Three Little Pigs succeeds in showing the reader issues surrounding that time in regards to social class and gender. The illustrations of the three versions add to the excitement of the tale.
The Three Little Pigs has made slight changes over time in order for there not to be entire gruesome throughout the story. These changes were influenced by many critics; one in particular was Mrs. Trimmer. When Mrs. Trimmer realized the connection that a reader can gain from the text, she began to question the effect that fairy tales have on Children. Along with Mrs. Trimmer many parents started to consider whether the results of children reading fairy tales were positive or negative. Although some found Mrs. Trimmers concern to be ridiculous “most parents side with Mrs. Trimmer over the importance of protecting infants from the most gory and misogynist of traditional fairy tales”. In the defense of Mrs. Trimmer, Nicholas Tucker argues that Mrs. Trimmer’s assumption about fairy tales should not be looked down upon because at that time all readers were faced with was a brutal fairy tale. Today, however many fairy tales have transformed to be more “reader friendly”. The tales today have much more pleasant ending and children most likely will not be as frightened but instead learn the moral lessons that the tale is trying to portray through its vivid illustrations and excessive amount of repetition.
The first version of the Three Little Pigs that I analyzed was by Paul Gadon and it closely mimicked the original version of the tale. When reading the tale I was baffled by some of the events that took place. Growing up my mother made sure that I did not read any material that she felt would give me nightmares or would give me a negative way of thinking. Because I was forced to read the revised version I never knew the truth behind the tale until just recently. In Gadon’s version the first two little pigs surprisingly get eaten by the big bad wolf. Witnessing the two pigs get eaten by the wolf was very tragic and without a doubt left me in shock. This version of the tale shows children that the consequences of “lazy work” results in terrible consequences. Were the houses falling down not enough? Why did they have...

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