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Moral Deficiency Essay

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Castelli 1David CastelliMr. MarusevichIB English 1, Period 7/8 Even4 June 2013Moral DeficiencyGabriel Garcia Márquez, a renowned Columbian novelist, is regarded as a proficient writer on the cultural aspects within Columbian society. Recognized for his ability to depict certain societal features through day-to-day life, Márquez was enabled to become the celebrated author that he is today. His novella Chronicle of a Death Foretold, initially published in 1981, is an exemplar of this remarkable virtuosity. A key perspective that Márquez is able to accentuate is that there is a lack of accepted moral values within Columbian society. This is especially significant because it ...view middle of the document...

In Father Amador's overlooking to prevent Santiago's murder, it can be questioned where moral values are essentially originated from. This supposed ethically inclined church official, who is expected to abide by the conducts set forth by the Catholic Church, contributes to the scarcity of traditional moral values in this Columbian society.The Bishop who visits the town is also a paradigm of how practiced moral values are insufficient in the society. Commonly accepted, Christianity edifies a person about the assets of love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Therefore, a powerful religious leader would guide its community to live by such principles. Bishops, similarly to Fathers, possess the supremacy as high members of the Christian clergy. They also are empowered to confer holy orders. With that being said, many of the townspeople were excited for the Bishop's arrival. Some people brought gifts in hopes of the Bishop freeing them from their sins with a blessing. Ironically, the Bishop presents this Columbian town with apathy. "'He won't even get off the boat. He'll give an obligatory blessing, as always, and go back the way he came. He hates this town'" (Garcia Márquez 8). Placida's affirmation about the Bishop is entirely accurate. The Bishop simply makes the sign of the cross to the crowd from his boat and continues sailing away. As the supreme guide of the Catholic Church, the Bishop should strive to promote Christian ideals through his actions. However, his attitude towards the townspeople utterly disproves Christian philosophies. By exposing the Bishop as being immoral and dispassionate, the readers canunderstand how a religious figure's authority could not provide structure for the people.Throughout the novella, Márquez feeds his readers with the idea that the actions of some of the characters go against everyday societal ideologies or obligations. In this small, isolated community in Columbia, honor performs as a significant factor in the murder of Santiago Nasar. With Angela's claim that Santiago had taken her virginity while he was engaged to his fiancé Flora Miguel, this triggers the Vicario brothers to defend their sister and restore their family's honor. It was surprising to see that Pablo and Pedro went to the extremes of killing Santiago, all to defend the Vicario name. "'There's no way out of his,' he told him. 'It's as if it had already happened" (Garcia Márquez 61). Pablo said this to Pedro as Pedro began debating whether or not to follow through with the murder. This quote reveals that their intended murder of Santiago is out in public and once they do it, there's no turning back. When Santiago is dead, the Vicario twins will be guilty of murder. In killing Santiago, the Vicario twins counter acted against the standards set by this Columbian society. This society was projected to shadow the teachings under Christianity and since committing a murder is breaking one of the "Ten Commandments," the Vicario...

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