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Moral Dilemma; Ethics In Criminal Justice

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I unfortunately could not write about a moral dilemma that I have faced in my profession, because at this time I am not working. However, I have faced another kind of personal moral dilemma that I am more then willing to share with you.18 years ago, I gave my child up for adoption not because he was unloved, but, because he was loved so very much. At the time I was in an physically abusive relationship and I did not want the father to get a hold of us or him especially and hurt him. So, the last time I saw Andrew Brian Collins was November 18, 1988. They of course re-named him, Adam Christopher (Blank), I'm sure you understand why I am leaving the names out. I received pictures of him, and of course the last adoption paperwork that was delivered by the local sheriffs. In the adoption, there was a stipulation and that was to be able to meet with Adam when he turned 16.Since then, I have grown into an amazing person, (not conceded) with a huge heart, (almost too big). And I have not really thought about really ever seeing him. That's not to say I have not thought of him, I had a second child that I have and I named him William Andrew (Blank). Andrew is for his brother, his name sake so to speak. I call him Drew, in memory of the love that I hold in my heart for both my boys.Since then I have been contacted by the father of the baby, who is now a seasoned adult. He himself has grown into a wonderful person, he has had much counseling and therapy and I can honestly say that he is no longer angry at the world. He is actually quite decent now; he has a family of his own now, minus a wife. Through a bad divorce, the kids and he have worked through many different issues that had come up due to many avenues of problems that transpire in a bad divorce.One day, he called me and asked me if I wanted to see what Adam looked like. I of course said yes, and he asked if I was seated at my computer. I sat down and typed in and of course I had to make a profile before I could see what he looked like. It felt like forever, but finally I got to see the son that I had had 18 years earlier. And the feeling that came over me was the same I had the day I left the father of Adam. The feeling of blood rushing through my ears, it was a good thing that I was sitting down, because if not I would of fell down.I would of course soak up every word on his My Space, I read all I could; I found out his adopted dad had passed away. I found that his friends were trying to get him laid last year. I felt like a person looking into a life of another that I absolutely knew nothing about, but had a connection with anyway. It was a surreal feeling, like I was watching myself from above my own body, and I could not believe that this was now happening. I was actually seeing my son for the first time, and he had no idea who I was.On April 10, 2007 I was in my room doing homework, and surfing the net, coming to the end of my evening. And how I have ended every night since I was...

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