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Moral Distress, Ethical Climate And Nursing Ethics

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Moral distress, ethical climate and nursing ethics
Ethics and Morals play an important role in the nursing profession; nurses are confronted with choices to make every day, and some of them more challenging than others. Ethics are affirmations between what it can be right or erroneous. For our society ethics is presented as a complex system of principles and beliefs. This system serves as an approach with the purpose of ensuring the protection of each individual within the society. On the other hand, morals are basic standards between what is right or wrong; each individual learns to identify these standards during the early stages of human development (Catalano, 2009). A person with morals ...view middle of the document...

Moral distress relate significantly with ethical climate. Moral distress can be detrimental for many nurses, leaving some of them to make drastic decisions such as leaving the profession; due to conflicting ethical and moral point of views.
Ethical Climate
Ethical climate is defined as the feel of an organization, a member of that institute and shared perceptions and attitudes of the other members of that specific organization. Ethical climate transform and advance over time inside these organizations and is considered a reflection of their current management and the ethical foundation of leaders (Ehow, n,d). Ethical climate involves the organizations policies and procedures, it also engages on ethical issues presented in the workplace and how it influences employees’ thoughts and behaviors. The definition of ethical climate from an individual perception is described as how ethical issues are resolve in a specific work environment (Hwang & Park, 2014).
Moral distress relate significantly with ethical climate. Since all the experiences related to moral compromise involves not only the individual professional values, but is also shaped by the structural framework within that organization. If any of these matters are failing within the organization, it can negatively have an effect on professional nurses’ career and patient outcomes (Hwang & Park, 2014).
Ethical climate issues have sometimes been associated to the incidence of medical errors and dangerous behaviors in the healthcare field. However; this issue still lacks enough studies and needs further investigation. On the hand, the relationship between ethical climate and the influence that has in retaining nurses have been...

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