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There are many ways to teach moral development in schools through the education system. Each way has it’s own outcome and looks at morals in a different way. The different ways of teaching moral development in education are character education, values clarification, cognitive moral education, and service learning.
Character Education is a direct moral education approach that involves teaching students a basic moral literacy to prevent them from engaging in immoral behavior or doing harm to themselves or others. Character Education is a moral code that clearly states and communicates to the students what is right and what is wrong. Putting this in my high school business classroom I in force the rules that we have been learning about through their years in school, like how cheating, stealing, and lying are wrong and you should not do it. Some strengths of character education are that you’re teaching the students what is wrong or right in different situation, and promote different values. Some weaknesses of character education are it sometimes is seen as a conflict with the general education curriculum, teachers might not want to incorporate in their curriculum for different reason, and diversity among the different cultures. (Santrock, Pg. 240)
Values clarification is an educational approach that focuses on helping people clarify what is important to them, what is worth working for, and what purpose their lives are to serve. Students are encouraged to define their own values and understand others’ values. This encourages students to define their own values and understand that everyone does not have the same values. In my high school business classroom, most students should already know this well enough that it should not be a issue but if it does become a issue where people are trying to make other students switch his or her values to match the other students value, I would explain to them that not everyone have the same values and show them that my values are different then theirs and use real world examples to show it also and then monitor their behavior for a while and corporate different activities about this. Some weaknesses of values clarification is that it’s content offends community standards and fail to stress right behavior. On the other hand, strengths of value clarification is that it gives the students opportunity to explore values and beliefs, and allows them to discuss values in a safe and control environment. (Santrock, Pg. 241)
Cognitive moral education is an approach based on the belief that students should learn to value things like democracy and justice as their moral reasoning develops; Kohlberg’s theory has been the basic for many of the cognitive moral education...

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