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Morality In The Government Essay

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“The government is best which governs least.” This is Henry David Thoreau’s motto which points out the importance of men having the will to take action in right time, to break law, and to be an extremist which enable the least government to be existed. However, ironically, Martin Luther King Jr. once imprisoned for being untimelyness, willing to break law, being an extremist when he takes non-violent resistance against racism. Through their writings, they prove the importance of taking action which is inevitable against lopsided justice. For Martin Luther King Jr., the government and the white church leaders abuse the God-given human rights, and for Henry David Thoreau, the government disrupts human conscience by holding slavery and Mexican War. Through their writings, they define the right time, just law, and an extremist.
Timely is the one of the important factor deciding when to take actions. Since the United States Declaration of Independence from Great Britain which is written by Thomas Jefferson, people get the right to throw off the government if the government does no good of expedient. Thoreau emphasizes the importance of taking action before the faults whereas King is criticized by the clergymen for being untimely.
Thoreau pointed out how useless it is to try to fix the problem after the majorities get hurt. There is an idiom which addresses his point; to lock the stable door after the horse is stolen. Thoreau describes, “they ought to wait until they have persuaded the majority to alter them.” One tragedy in South Korea has occurred on the last week shows majority is altered after the accident. The ferry with over the four hundred people capsized, and only hundred and seventy people are rescued. The entire country has been thrown into utter chaos not only due to the captain is the first one to be rescued, but also the fact that the majority of the passenger are junior high school students. People now then concern the uneffective safety regulation hold by the government.
Martin Luther King has waited for years to announce his opinion against racism, but he still gets scolding for being untimely. Even after about a hundred of years of Abolition of slavery, African Americans include King are still suffering from discrimination, but the clergymen still wants him to wait for the right time. King defined, “We have waited for more than 340 years for our constitutional and God-given right” (381). As no ill cures over time, the unjust law does not change over time unless people take action.
The dictionary definition of the law is the principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people. The one reason why the United States declares independence from the Great Britain is unwillingness to follow their law such as high taxes. If the law is applicable to only for some people, it loses its justice. Thoreau and King define the laws and criticize the moderates.
Thoreau emphasizes one’s...

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