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As a military member, I came to realize that most of our leaders, when engaged in precarious behaviors, fail to realize that they are public figure to those they lead. Their behavior may result in potential damage to personnel trust to the chain of command. This is considered abuse of trust, and might have lasting effects to the member of the team. This in turn can lead to the loss of confidence from the superiors in command. In many cases at present time, that is the reason why a lot of our military leaders are being relieved because they cannot regulate their moral behavior. But how does all this starts? To answer this question, we will consider the question of this week’s discussion on Jane; a child who pick up 20 dollars, she is faced up why a moral dilemma to either tell her friend’s parent that her mom gave her the money to purchase the toy or give the money back.

To predict her behavior, I will first look at what constitute moral dilemma, and I will review Kohlberg’s cognitive developmental theory, which focuses reasons about moral dilemma (Tsujimoto & Nardi, 1978). The American Oxford dictionary define moral as concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character, or concerned with or derived from the code of interpersonal behavior that is considered right or acceptable in a particular society. And dilemma is defined as a situation, in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives equally undesirable ones, or a difficult situation or problem. Therefore a moral dilemma is difficult situation where an individual’s or society principles of right or wrong will dictate that person’s behavior or action. Will Jane return the money? Kohlberg argued that cognitive moral judgment, developing through an invariant sequence of stages, is the single most important or influential factor yet discovered for moral behavior. So the ‘will’ becomes moral only when informed by moral judgment (Jorgensen, 2006). At this point we are not sure nor have the data on how much moral judgment Jane has been exposed to. Considering that her parent could not afford a 20 dollars toy, I would venture to speculate that Jane’s parent has a low social-economic status. So before we look into this any further, let’s review the summary of Kohlberg’s theory and its development stages.

Kohlberg claimed that moral judgment develops in an invariant sequence with individuals...

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