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Morality Of Abortion In Case Of Rape By Thomson

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People term to accept and reject moral and ethical decisions according to the agreement with the majority of the society. However, there are many debating cases that cannot decide whether those are morally wrong or not because it is hard to draw a clear line of immorality and morality between those cases. Abortion is one of debating cases among them where some people argues that it is impermissible to do abortion and some believe that it is not ethically wrong to do abortion. In some states of United States, abortion is permissible, but it is not in some states. By assuming that a fetus is a person, I believe abortion should be permitted in the United States in special cases such as sexual ...view middle of the document...

Women can take advantage of that and can say pregnancy result from involuntary interaction whenever they want to do abortion. The argument will be stronger if we can add specification or restriction about how to determine whether a person is raped or not. The restriction can be police report of encountering rape in the past during pregnancy period.
Thomson compares the right to the own bodies and right of a person to live in case violinist’s case to support her argument. Normally, the value of right of a person to live is higher than that of the right to the bodies. In case of involuntary acts without consents such as in the violinist’s case, the right of own bodies exceeds that of the person to live and that person should have the right to unplug violinist from his body. Fetus resulting from the rape should not have the right to use the women’s body since women doesn’t give consent to give support to the fetus from the beginning. Accordingly, women’s right to their bodies outweighs the right of a person to live and women are the one to decide if they are going to share their bodies with the fetus.
Thomson mentions that in extreme case where pregnant mother can face death due to pregnancy, that mother should have right to abort the baby. This case compares the right of mother to save her own life and right to a fetus to live. If the person can die due to attachment to violinist to his body, he should have the right to choose his own life. The right of self-defense to protect own life is greater than the right to live of another person, and unplugging the violinist’s body is not ethically wrong. Due to the facts that children at birth have higher risk to death compared to adult, abortion should be permissible in order to save the mother’s life when pregnancy threatens the life of the mother.
To back up the abortion in certain cases, Thomson furthermore uses another analogical example, which she calls it “A person-plant case”. Thomson said if a woman opens the window and a burglar climbs in, he has the right to use of the house. Since she is partially responsible for letting in, she gives up some values of her right to the burglar. In order to prevent burglars, bars are installed. However, if the burglar comes in due to the defects in the bars, she is not responsible for his...

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