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Morality Of Monopoly In Society Essay

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Henry Ford was an American industrialist and the founder of the Ford Motor Company, who stated, “business is never so healthy as when, like a chicken, it must do a certain amount of scratching around for what it gets” (Ford). In the corporate world, individual businesses control other corporations in order to improve their own systems and products. On the macroscopic scale, it is comprised of the corporate world; however, examples of monopoly from the corporate world can be translated onto the microscopic scale. The microscopic scale is primarily the community of families in this society. Families and corporations share this similar idea. Parents dictate their children’s development, and ...view middle of the document...

In addition to parents utilizing monopoly strategies towards their children, marriages also play a part in monopoly tactics on the microscopic scale. For example, women’s rights did not exist prior to the 1920’s. From the article “History 120” from Exploring US History, it was quoted that, “women should concentrate on the home and domesticity” (History 120). Women were viewed as inferior to men and the majority of women were housewives. In the present, women have more rights but it is very limited. Women are still viewed as the ones who do the housework of cleaning and caring for the children. For instance, Lynn Prince Cook’s article “The Politics of Housework” had emphasized that female and male should have the same amount of housework but in reality, females are still the ones burdened with housework as evident through the following quote: “women increase their housework hours when they move in with a man, whereas men decrease their hours when they move in with a woman.” A marriage should have equal gender rights; however, inequality of responsibilities are still present in this society based on gender differences. These inequalities based on gender provides the more “dominant” gender to have more power and influence over the other. The male is often the dominant and more superior to the mother to the children because females often have more passive traits compared to males. The male would often dictate most decisions because he is the money bearer when the female is given roles of the “housewife” by society. The female in the...

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