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Morality, Values, and Lifestyle of Society in The Great Gatsby Morality, values, and lifestyle played a major role in developing the plot of The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald used it in order to give the reader a clearer meaning on who the characters in the book really are, rather than what they act like. By putting emphasis on these aspects of the characters, the reader sees how much the characters differ from each other and the way it effects their relationships with each other. Morality is defined as a system of ideas of right and wrong conduct. The Buchanans, Jordan Baker, Gatsby, and Nick each have different sense of morality. Daisy Buchanan, Tom Buchanan, and Jordan Baker all have practically the same morals. Daisy and Tom are both cheating on each other- Daisy with Gatsby, Tom with Myrtle Wilson- but neither of them seems to see anything wrong with they themselves are doing. When it comes to Daisy's and Tom's views on the other's affair, though, they are outraged and want the relationship to be broken off. During the time that Daisy and Tom are having these affairs, a lot of lying is going on, on both of their parts. Once again, neither of them sees anything wrong with this. Jordan is also on the same level morally as the Buchanans. She is an arrogant, beautiful, young woman who uses deceit in order to win her golf tournaments and lies to get what she wants. Gatsby has more morals than the Buchanans, but he also used dishonesty to achieve his goals. During a time of prohibition, Gatsby made all of his money by bootlegging liquor. Gatsby, at least, stays true to what he believes in. All Gatsby did was done because of his love for Daisy. Nick has the most morals of all the characters in the book. He believes in honesty and abiding the law. He is the complete opposite of the Buchanans and Jordan, but is still attracted to them. Nick pretty much stays out of the others business, and doesn't show support or reject any of their actions. Value is a principle, standard, or...

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