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Morally Outstanding Man (Of Steel) Essay

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Almost everyone knows or has at the very least heard the name Superman. In the DC Comics universe, he, along with many others such as Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman are all members of The Justice League. The Justice League is an elite group of superheroes banded together in the pursuit of bringing peace to Earth and justice to those who attempt to wreak havoc upon the planet, may the threat be “terrestrial, extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional or supernatural,”(DCWikia). Each one of the members has their own strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities they gained from freak accidents, great intellect and wealth, or alien heritage. The heroes in The League symbolize the type of people we should all strive to become. I don’t mean we should all attempt to fly, run at super speeds, make caves filled with silly bat themed items in them, or try talking to fish through our minds. To truly be like these heroes, selflessness, self-sacrifice and devotion must all be learned and constantly practiced to become morally superior over the evil that torments the world.
Superheroes share many different attributes such as super strength and the ability to fly, but what most don’t notice are their similar attitudes. Captain America, a member of Marvel’s Superhero group The Avengers, is arguably the most patriotic hero of all time. He wears a suit consisting of a red, white and blue color scheme and holds a strong shield covered in a similar color pattern along with a giant white star covering the front. On top of sporting the colors of the country he gets his alias from, he constantly makes remarks and statements professing his love for America, such as, “I’m loyal to nothing, General… Except The Dream,” (Wikiquote) in which he is stating how important the American Dream is to himself. With each superhero, there is a higher cause to the work he or she does for humanity. Stated in the name of the group, the Justice League works to bring justice to those who threaten humanity. The work they do is selfless and focused on the betterment of society. They may not receive any rewards for their service, but they continue to do what is right because they have the power to do so.
Many of the caped crusaders have given up much of their lives in order to protect others. Being a hero is a constant battle and somewhat of a struggle for many of the heroes. Heroes are constantly worrying about their identities which must never be revealed or else it could put them and their loved ones in terrible danger. In order to prevent discovery of their identities, they take on normal civilian lives and only leap to action when trouble is afoot. In order to remain incognito,...

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