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Coaching GreCro CoachingCoaching is not about calling plays, yelling at the team, or even being the boss. I believe that a coaches performance is not just based on the calls they make on the field, but the influence they have on there players to be the best they can be. When your coach is more like a friend, a leader, or even the team captain it puts you on a better level of communication with him or her. I have had a coach like that and I have also had a coach that didn't meet that standard. Few realize the true importance of the coach/player relationship.My baseball and football instructors were worlds apart. My baseball instructor is a person who loved playing the game and having fun doing it. My football instructor was always pretty negative and tried to threaten our starting positions if we didn't do things his way. For example, one day during school, I saw my football coach in the hall and he said that I need to do more wait training or he has got a sophomore who will take my spot. This sophomore couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if he were inside it. None the less I started working out harder. The motivation from my baseball coach is purely positive. He compliments and gives out good words of encouragement. My junior year he said that I would suit varsity because of my improvements and that I worked hard and earned it. That really makes a person feel good about themselves. We always do exciting conditioning drills in baseball, in fact, sometimes we scrimmage and we play so hard that is our conditioning. Of course, we never notice how hard we are working when were having a good time. Football is the exact opposite. We do stupid things and rarely crack a smile. My coach is a hard ass but doesn't over work us. He doesn't work us enough, and we usually end up not doing as well as we could. It's simple to see that baseball was much more relaxing to play then football. Working with my coaches on a personal level is different as...

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The morals of war Essay

978 words - 4 pages There is an old saying, "All is fair in love and war." This saying is around because during times of war, countries are more concerned with being victorious than with being moral in their actions. If a country were to attempt to be moral, they may lose to a country that will stop at nothing to win. On the personal level of the soldiers, morals are even more difficult to possess. A soldier not only lacks the ability to make major decisions about

Character, Morals, Integrity Essay

712 words - 3 pages Character, Morals, Integrity Morals, character, integrity, what do these words mean….actually, the question is, do you have them. A man named Dwight Moody once said, “Character is what you are in the dark.” You cannot see your morals, character, or integrity, these are only shown as your values. Someone could only show their own values, which are very important to themselves and everyone else. Integrity is the firm adherence to a code of

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875 words - 4 pages never accomplish their goal. As a result, it would be impossible for personal principles or personal morals to exist in such an environment. The book “Guests of the Nation” clarifies the fact that morals is not in present in such an environment. No matter how close the relationship of the soldiers and the prisoners had grown, they both had a goal to accomplish. Because of the death of the soldier’s allies, killing the prisoners symbolized revenge

Religions, Morals and Civilization

1023 words - 4 pages Religions, Morals and Civilization      Since the dawn of man, people have had their own forms of religion. Be it simple ceremonial burial or complex blessing rituals, each person had their own way to explain the wonders of nature like, how did we come here and what our purpose here was. Another thing that each individual person had was their own morals. Morals are what define a civilization. Labels like peaceful or barbaric are put on

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1704 words - 7 pages Law is a set of rules and boundaries that are established by authorities which must be obeyed, otherwise, a sanction may be given. Law was described by Sir John Salmond as 'the body of principles recognised and applied by the state in the administration of justice'. While Morals are beliefs, values and principles that are set by society or part of a society, determining what is right and wrong. Unlike legal rules, compliance with moral rules is

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782 words - 4 pages the military, we are all held to a higher standard and it is very important we set up the framework for acceptable behavior at all times. Many of us may have different views and opinions about the values in the military; however, it is important we follow them or face getting disapproval from our supporting command. Everyone has his or her own morals, which may or not be influenced by culture or society; their parents and childhood affect

Morals of Buddhism

1669 words - 7 pages Buddhism consists of several morals throughout the religion that guide the way one should live. The overall goal of Buddhists is to become enlightened. “Enlightenment is one’s actions in this life that will determine the nature of future rebirths” (Hardy, 1). In order to become enlightened, Buddhists must follow morals and certain guidelines that were created by the Buddha. For example, the Four Noble Truths are guiding morals for followers in

Metaphysics of Morals

1390 words - 6 pages Through his discussion of morals in the Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant explores the question of whether a human being is capable of acting solely out of pure duty and if our actions hold true moral value. In passage 407, page 19, Kant proposes that if one were to look at past experiences, one cannot be certain that his or her rationalization for performing an action that conforms with duty could rest solely on moral

Metaphysics of Morals

1393 words - 6 pages Through his discussion of morals in the Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant explores the question of whether a human being is capable of acting solely out of pure duty and if our actions hold true moral value. In passage 407, page 19, Kant proposes that if one were to look at past experiences, one cannot be certain that his or her rationalization for performing an action that conforms with duty could rest solely on moral

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952 words - 4 pages Middle Age Morals The Middle Ages were full of kings and queens, princes and princesses. The ones who protected them were the knights. They were to ride with “chivalry, trust, honor, generosity, and courtesy.” (Chaucer, “General Prologue” 142). Most of the knights from The Middle Ages always upheld their moral code; however, some did not. Which leads to the question of, “Were all knights in The Middle Ages moral?” Three knights from Geoffrey

morals versus desire

957 words - 4 pages Edith Wharton, author of Ethan Frome, successfully uses symbolism as a tactic to drive her intended themes home. One prominent theme throughout the novel is morals and conforming to societal standards conflicting with one’s desires that diverge from the status quo. Wharton’s symbols in Ethan Frome strongly support the theme of morals versus desire through emphasizing the gap between the two. Initially, Wharton uses the red pickle dish to

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905 words - 4 pages Morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are "good" (or right) and those that are "bad", but who dictates the morals of society?. The government actually takes a big chunk of credit for giving society its current morals. The role of the government in morals of society should be to dictate them in “hope” of a society in constant improvement and try to eliminate possibility of chaos. Not all morals

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1149 words - 5 pages jewels she wanted, but she also had a blue face and legs some times as well. The question is, do we agree with my grand-grand grandfather? Sophia apparently did. It is arguable, many people could say, she had no choice, she was forced to married that cruel guy, but like I sad, my grandmother told me, that Sophia was very happy women. So what is right? How do morals affect people and society in which we live? Does everyone have specific morals by

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690 words - 3 pages such actions to occur. The murder of a black African garners no reaction as “’Police don’t arrest black people for killing black people”’ (49). This shows how skewed their morality and mentality is and also the indifference within most Africans. Johannes does not accept such a world however, and chooses instead to create his own morals, taking lessons from life and experience, using his education to prove and believe in what he dedicates

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947 words - 4 pages to strangers. A servant probably never experienced power so that ambition and calculating manipulation would not be there. So the way we perceive the world and make decisions is all based on our own personal experiences. There is not one set of rules or morals that we are supposed to follow in life. Instead people have to stitch one together using all the human logic we have to get through the best we can. Meaning it is up to the individual to