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Over the years, the style of poetry has drastically changed. From the iambic rhythms that exist in poems such as, Psalm of Life, to the introduction of free verse in the poetry of Robert Frost. Which then opened up the door for several types of poetry to enter into the world of literature, but as the world of poetry progressed, more ideas of the correct way to apply poetry through the world. Stevens, Moore, and MacLeish express this in their works of poetry, Of Modern Poetry, Ars Poetica, and Poetry. Each author had their own brilliant idea of how people should write their poetry, and if a new author followed their advice, they could become excellent modern poets. The reason why modern poetry has hit it big in the modern age of literature is because of the simplicity of the writing, but even the free verse poems still require several rules to abide too. Ideas such as the ones suggested in Of Modern Poetry, Ars Poetica, and Poetry, are very helpful to developing a chilling poem; writing what comes to the mind and satisfies it, being beautifully silent, and having truly original work.
Stevens had a standard idea in his poem, Of Modern Poetry, to write what satisfying to the mind, and the beautiful factors to it. Once a person has found their satisfaction, their mind and body thrives for, just as the poem mentions, thus, being a perfect way to write flawless poetry. The object may be anything or anyone, but it is developed as a true art within the mind, so why not make it art on a piece of paper? All through the years of past written poetry there have been multiple topics of objects, but all the authors wrote about them because of how it pleased their thoughts. As Stevens displays in his poem, the mind is like a stage, the body portraying it is the actor, and the audience viewing is the level of satisfaction. Stevens encourages finding peace within the mind by finding it’s bidding, and satisfying it to become a great tool for the poetry world.
Poems have a way of painting pictures and developing a quiet scene through the words, and MacLeish encourages this in Ars Poetica, by developing the idea of a picture of nature, but causing the scene to be noiseless and peaceful. Poems that use obnoxiously superfluous words are the ones that never leave a mark in a reader’s mind, this is just was MacLeish discourages. He desires poems to be moving but in a silent way, to have the reader in a frenzy of speechlessness. The examples he uses are effects in nature that apply the instantaneous silence to...

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