More Effective Education And Instructional Technologies In Schools

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With the changing times, I strongly believe that newer and more effective education and instructional technologies should be adopted in schools. By the year 2020, it is my belief that most of the instructional and teaching technologies being employed currently will have outlived their usage and thus newer one will be available. With each passing day, technology keeps on advancing and thus of all the sectors there is, education will be the most affected because it is the nucleus of this progression. Currently, the development of information technology in education has enabled students all over the globe to easily access any information that they require online. University libraries all over the globe have shared their catalogued information; an occurrence that has made it easier for students with dissertations or examinations to study in the comfort of their homes or anywhere around the globe. Moreover, this technology has greatly facilitated the

development of relationships between diverse teachers across the globe on how best they can enhance their skills in order to meet their students’ needs. This advancement has greatly improved both teacher and instructional approaches and in return the students are reaping the returns. When studied critically, teaching and instructional technology development is very essential in establishing enduring learning experiences that will be vital for an all-round technological advancement (Broadband Commission, 2013).
By the year 2020, the face of education will have changed tremendously because technology will be developed a notch higher than it is today. At this time, I envision a technologically integrated educational system that will have embraced more of instructional teaching than teacher oriented strategies. In the envisioned system, the needs of the students will be at the core of the system (Reiser & Dempsey, 2012, p. 71). This system will be essential and more effective because it will be more focused on the needs of the learner because it will be tailor made to suit individual needs and experiences of each student. This educational technology will be fashioned in such a manner that the instructions will be technology initiated and hence a teacher will not be required to be available for learning to take place. This technology will effectively address the technological needs of the time because it will be giving the students a chance of developing their own study initiatives and objectives, a scenario that will enable students to pursue their areas of interest. This model will enhance development because students will be able to pursue their dreams and will thus be experts in their fields and hence more productive.
My vision is that by 2020, the instructional initiated technological approach will be in place because it will be more centered on learning than teaching. The current system of educational and instructional education technology is more teaching based than student...

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