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A Letter on the Doorstep****"Little tyke, Vernon Dusrley chuckled, ducking an airborne bowl of cheerios. He gave his wife, a bony woman named Petunia one last smile before he headed out the door, whistling a jaunty tune. After his wife had waved her husband out the door, she returned her attentions back to the 50 lb, blond, screaming, and in her opinion adorable, 1 ½ year old struggling to free himself from his high chair."Come on baby Diddy Dudkins, won't you eat some cereal for Mummy?" she cooed to a completely inattentive Diddy Dudkins. Of course while Diddy Dudkins was a charming pet name, this little beast's full name was Dudley. Dudley Dominic Dursley. Son to Vernon and Petunia Dursley, who saw no reason as to why they shouldn't spoil Dudley until he was rotten. And in his short 1 ½ years they had nearly achieved this.The pleasant toddler was currently catapulting his cereal with enough force to dent the unsuspecting walls his mother fought so hard to keep surgically clean.SPLAT."Now come on baby Duddy, won't you eat this brand new bowl of cereal Mummy has for you? Won't you please eat?" Petunia tried again, tempting the baby with a bowl of fresh Cheerios."NO.""Won't you?""NO.""Please won't you?""Won't you! Won't you! WON'T! WON'T! WON'T!!!" The tot mimicked, screaming at the top of his lungs. Tears streamed down his face as he drew breath and yelled, "WANT CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! WON'T CEREAL!!!""Diddy, I tried to tell you we are all out of candy! You must eat your cereal if you want to grow big and strong just like your daddy!" Petunia shouted over top the wailing youngster. She might as well have attempted to feed the cereal to the Cheerio-clad walls for all the good it would have done. She sighed, and began to clean up.Later that day, when Dudley's temper was dormant, Petunia took him out for a romp in the son. However Dudley wasn't much of a romper and sat in the shade eating ice cream from the freezer. Petunia decided that this would be the perfect time to prune the roses, so with shears in hand she set to work, occasionally giving her son a smile and a "Would you like anything else sweetums?"As she stood back to admire her work, she noticed something strange: an owl was perched on the picket fence of her house. At first she tried to ignore the usually nocturnal bird, but finally she stepped towards it and flapped her arms a bit to scare it off. The owl just sat there, staring at her with deep amber eyes. Its black and brown plumage glinted in the sun. The bird's unnerving gaze made Petunia half expect it to open its beak and crow "Nevermore!" but it just sat there serenely staring up at her with a long, steady, and unnerving gaze.She leaped towards the fowl suddenly, yelling, "Get out! Shoo!" The bird gave her a penetrating gaze before adjusting its feathers and taking flight in an unusually dignified way. Petunia sniffed and turned on her heels to collect a sleeping Dudley and go inside where it was sure to be safe from...

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A Critical Assessment of the Harry Potter Phenomenon in Contemporary British Culture

1918 words - 8 pages phenomenon known worldwide. During the second and the third installment, the stories developed as the characters matured, so the series began to reach out to both young and adult audiences. The transition from the book to the big screen, Christopher Columbus's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from 2001, introduced the magic world of the young wizard to even further audiences, leading to the formation of many fan clubs and websites, proving

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Essay

2656 words - 11 pages challenges to remove the Harry Potter books from bookshelves in 16 states (Dunne par. 3). Christian schools are denying children the opportunity to read the books for enjoyment on the basis that the story conveys worldly views. For these critics are Rowling says, "Get out more! Either they haven't read the books properly or they can't read at all" (El Desouki par. 23). Children are agreeing with her and find Harry's witchcraft and wizardry appealing

To Prove~ That Harry Potter, In spite of accusations aimed against it, has a positive influence on children

953 words - 4 pages because "magic" is more appealing than "religious" themes are. The fact is many children would rather read something that interests them than a Bible. Even though there are some children that like to read the Bible, not every child is enthused to. This is due to the household the child is brought up in. (Denton 28)In conclusion, Harry Potter is a fictional character. Fiction allows children to expand their mind through different images, thoughts, and

The Phenomenon of Fan Fiction

1208 words - 5 pages story (Thompson, Jeff). Since the art of fan fiction is becoming a trend in the modern society, more people are supporting and mainstreaming it with the likelihood of raising its standards further, and eventually attracting more educated people into the field and possibly convincing some voluntary sponsors to hold contests with input from professional writers and editors. FanLib is a social media company that is already beginning to make this

Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen

1052 words - 4 pages to the world of wizardry, something his aunt and uncle had kept secret from him. Even more surprising he finds out he is more famous than he could even imagine in this new world, for he is the “Boy Who Lived”. Harry survived an attack when he was only a baby, with a single lightning bolt scar on his forehead, his parents died protecting him. This attack was by the greatest dark wizard “He Who Must Not Be Named”, Lord Voldermort, who was a on a

How successful was the marketing Campaign of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone?

3028 words - 12 pages partnership with Coca-Cola relating back to the sponsorship of the film.Harry Potter was at the centre of a row in the United States for using images of the popular character in it's latest advertising campaign. Campaigners believe that the Harry Potter Coke advertisements are more troubling than the typical fast-food tie-in."From now on when people say 'Harry Potter' a lot of children are not going to think about the book or film, they're going to

Symbolism, Imagery, and Motif of Harry Potter

2501 words - 10 pages Harry Potter is a fascinating tale of sorcerers, wands, broomsticks, dragons, and magic. The story begins with a young boy named Harry Potter who lives at number four Privit Drive, Surray, England. His journey begins after the death of his parents at the hands of the evil Lord Voldemort. Harry learns of his past and his future as a wizard from Hagrid, the keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He travels to

Harry Potter Vs. Christians

3666 words - 15 pages and wizard in many children's lives. I have not been able to find a more descriptive, memorable, imaginative, and well-written books for both children and adults to read and enjoy. Why do so many Harry Potter fans reread these fantasies over and over again? Are there secrets that gradually unfold

Harry Potter and its effect on how people percieve witchcraft and wizardry

3042 words - 12 pages , opening it to the first chapter, “The Boy Who Lived”, and started reading; they now re-join the journey of growing up once again with Harry Potter. Readers would gladly read the series again and there is a reason why. The series revolves around three protagonists, Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger and Ronald Weasley, and their fight against Lord Voldemort. Aside from Lord Voldemort, Harry also has to deal with his inner conflicts all throughout his

The Harry Potter Series: It All Ends

1189 words - 5 pages The journey all started when J.K. Rowling, the writer of the Harry Potter series, published the first installment of her marvelous tale of The Boy Who Lived, and went further and wrote six more classics. I’m afraid to say that the movies did not get the same appeal until the actual end. Manohla Dargis, a writer for the New York Times, brings this problem to light about the Harry Potter movie series. She says, “With only two or so hours of story

Research Essay

1796 words - 8 pages year from being published, it had sold more then 300,000 copies in the UK (hypable). Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was published on July 2, 1998, in the UK and June 2, 1999, in America. It also wont the Nestle Smarties Book Prize as well as the Scottish Arts Council award. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was published in July of 1999 in the UK and later in October 1999 in America. By the end of 1999 all three of J.K

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2535 words - 10 pages your bags!""You're throwing me out?" he exclaimed hopefully, with visions of the Potter house dancing in his head."No! You're spending the summer with your cousins! And your brother," she added as an afterthought."Yay!" Regulus squeaked, his eleven-year-old voice not quite mature."Shut up, Reggie. I mean, Regina!" Sirius said tauntingly."Muuuuuuuum!""SIRIUS! COME HERE THIS INSTANT!" she shrieked."I am here, Mother," he said, rolling his eyes."I am

Chapter 2 1/2: The Untold Truth Behind The Triwizard Tournament Harry Potter Fan Fic

1391 words - 6 pages Potter will fall soon."Someone at the door began to knock. The knocking became more and more frequent and persistent. Light from flashlights filled the room, along with yelling. Subtle thuds started to happen. With a crash, the old oak door came down, reveling ten Muggle policemen with pistols drawn."Come out with your hands up! We know someone is in here!" one of the policemen yelled while stomping on the beaten-down door. Suddenly, in a flash of blue light, Lord Voldemort was gone, leaving the policemen perplexed. One of the policemen went up the armchair and spun it around to reveal nothing but the imprint of a person on the chair cushion that now was fading away.

Chance And The Alphabet Part I A Harry Potter Fan Fic

4785 words - 19 pages a word from the front of the classroom caused him to lift his head a fraction. "Maim"? Had Professor Binns said "maim"? No...he was simply reading the attendance roster for the tribunal of Turg the Troll-Tickler, legendary goblin troublemaker.Will stifled a groan as he looked at his watch again. He really wished Juliana would stop snoring already. He wished the cramp in his leg would go away. Fifteen more minutes, and the latest brilliant issue

Fan Fact Or Fan Fiction? Essay

1789 words - 7 pages writing less stressful and the effort that would have been used to create original characters can be used to fine tune other literary fundamentals (Burns and Webber 28-29). While many find it easy to develop a love of reading, writing takes much more work to enjoy. Fan fiction is a stepping stone that young writers can use to develop their love of writing (Moore 16). While some fan fiction authors never move on from writing fan fiction, others expand