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In the novel More Joy in Heaven, written by Morley Callaghan, Kip Caley has a quest for a new life after prison. As he gets used to being a freeman he learns more about what he really wants in life. When Kip finds out what it is that he is searching for in his new life, like in all tragedies, it is too late. Because he is not sure if Julie, the girl, or the parole board is what he wants, he spends too much time trying to find out and when he knows it is too late. In his search for a new life Kip knows that he is a free man and wants to show it to the people while he says that he does not want to be viewed constantly by the public.

Kip is a real go-getter person he likes to take action. Because of this he wants to be on the parole board to change some of the faults in the system that he saw while still on prison. Kip also want to do this so that he can get on with his new life. But latter in the novel he finds and falls in love with Julie. He fights himself trying to decide what it is in life that he really wants. He tries to get the judge on his side so that he can get what he wants, at the time it is to be on the parole board: “Whispering Joe used to be the best fur thief in the country. He’s just like you. In his own way he says all those things. He’s got a great line, too. See, he’s good. Maybe you’re a dam good judge, too, but the part of you that makes you tick is just the same as the part of Joe. You can’t believe in anything. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be able to sit on that bench day after day and judge everybody” (Callaghan 105). Kip says that the judge can’t believe in anything or else he could not judge people because his beliefs may interfere with the ruling. He wants the judge to believe in him. Kip wants to be on the parole board but is held back by the judge who believes that Kip is dangerous and should still be in prison let alone on the parole board. Kip is trying to get the judge to be on his side of the fight to be on the parole board.

As the book continues Kip learns that he actually wants Julie more than to be on the parole board. This comes to him to late in the novel as in most tragedies. “Oh, Kip-I-I brought you death. See-I wanted to tell you, jerking the words out desperately. You brought me life.” (Callaghan 186) Kip, in his last moments tells Julie that she is what he wants in life, she is not the parole board. She thinks she is the one who made him die, but she gave him what...

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