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More Money, Less Cares Essay

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Themes form a purpose to literature and they bring upon a main idea or point which is shown through writing. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald presents many themes. The book was written in the mid-twenties and takes place in 1922. Nick Carraway narrates his time in New York City as a stock broker and living next door to the mysterious Jay Gatsby. He meets up with his cousin Daisy, her husband Tom, and golfer Jordan Baker. Nick becomes involved in numerous activities with wealthy people. While Nick is around the wealthy people, he observes a sense of recklessness. The theme of wealth leads to carelessness is brought upon by an assortment of incidents in the novel. In The Great Gatsby, ...view middle of the document...

Since she was born wealthy, she has had no responsibility her whole life, so she does not care about anyone but herself. Jordan and Lucille’s mindlessness in regard to their actions is caused by the large amount of money in their lives. Their wealth and surroundings of wealthy people lead them to think that their money will take care of them.
In the novel, the Buchanan’s portray their irresponsibility. One time Daisy is incautious, and gets into a car accident. She took the wheel of the vehicle going 40 mph. Daisy drove, “The ‘death car’ as the newspaper called it, [and] it didn’t stop,” and killed Myrtle (Fitzgerald 137). Daisy was an emotional wreck, but that is not an excuse to hit and run. Daisy did not even care that she ran over someone and killed them. Her actions show her selfish and inconsiderate character. She was only concerned about her life and not the one she had just taken away. Also, Tom Buchanan’s wealth causes him to be unmindful. Tom believes he is superior to others because of his acquired wealth. Tom’s indication of having “some women in New York,” shows he does not care about his wife Daisy (Fitzgerald 15). Tom thinks he can do whatever he pleases because of his wealth. He does not care about Daisy at all. Tom does not have any concern about Daisy since he is having an affair with another woman. Furthermore, the Buchanan’s can also be characterized as unguarded in their actions after certain events. When the Buchanan’s make a mistake, they “retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness,” and left town (Fitzgerald 179). The Buchanan’s do not care about the lives they have tampered with or the lives they have ruined. Their wealth allows them to go anywhere they want, but they leave their issues for someone else to deal with. Since they were born rich, they have nothing to care about because money has been used to carry out their responsibilities.
Jay Gatsby’s pursuit for Daisy and his wealth, causes negligence. He acquired his wealth by bootlegging just so he could win Daisy’s...

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