More Than A Boggart In Dumbledore’s Closet

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When questioned about Albus Dumbledore’s, the fictional headmaster of Hogwarts, sexuality J.K. Rowling stated, “My truthful answer to you... I always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” (qtd. from Edward par 4). Rowling attended Carnegie Hall in New York City on October 19, 2007 to read an excerpt of her seventh book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), sign some autographs, and answer fan’s burning questions. After outing Dumbledore, Rowling received an ovation at the event, but not everyone reacted to the news with the same excitement and support. The news over Dumbledore’s orientation started another controversy over the children series between supporters of the book and those who opposed the series with everyone voicing various responses to Dumbledore’s outing. Many of the popular responses come from people who support the novels believing the series spreads tolerance of homosexuality, and Christians that oppose the series believing the books threaten their religious views.
Devout Christians like Laura Mallory and Linda Harvey claim that Rowling’s confession proves the harm the Harry Potter series can bring to children today (Harvey par 2). David Dale quotes Mallory in his article, “My prayer is that parents would wake up, that the subtle way this is presented as harmless fantasy would be exposed for what it really is: a subtle indoctrination into anti-Christian values,” (Dale par 4) which puts her and Harvey in the same opinion that the series threatens a Christian life style. Other Christians supporting the books and think that Dumbledore’s preference either doesn’t matter or promotes Christian beliefs on homosexuals. One of the supporters, Regina Doman, points out in her article In Defense of Dumbledore that Dumbledore’s relationship with Grindelwald, an evil wizard with past relations to the headmaster, and caused Dumbledore and his family many problems (Doman). Doman’s believes these situations found in the books support the view that homosexuality is an abomination, and that the novels should be supported for this reason.
More Christian support for the novels comes from The Vatican which promotes the series as an excellent teacher of good morals, despite that one of the main characters prefers his own sex (Bronski par 1). Other views in support of Dumbledore and the novels believe that we should praise the books for their inclusion of such a touch subject as homosexuality. Two supporters of the inclusions, Peter Tatchell and Mary Bousted, praise the books teachings of “tolerance and understanding” (Dale par 5), but Tatchell wishes that Rowling had made the homosexuality more prevalent in the books while Bousted rejoiced that Rowling didn’t make it a big plot point (Dale par 5-6). The supporters of Dumbledores homosexuality don’t just disagree with the opposition over the inclusion of a gay character in the book, the controversy also brings up arguments over education.
Education reform arguments have supporters and opposers of...

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