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More Than Just A Major Essay

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Ouachita Baptist University is not the traditional Liberal Arts University, however the school embraces the liberal arts tradition. As a Christian school Ouachita also focuses on spiritual growth as it says in the mission statement, “Embracing the liberal arts tradition, the university prepares individuals for ongoing intellectual and spiritual growth, lives of meaningful work, and reasoned engagement with the world.” By having us take Chapel and other religious courses as part of the core it helps us as Christians grow. Also as Ostrander states, “A Christian University seeks to provide an overarching framework that gives a sense of purpose and unity for everything from English literature to ...view middle of the document...

Ouachita is different; it wasn’t your average school, and they wanted to make difference makers. I also liked the fact that in the mission statement they want you to grow spiritually, also as much as I don’t like the core I like it. I’m learning things that I would have never learned if it wasn’t for this school, and I am a better person, I am able to understand things better and carry on conversations with people of different intellect. This will help me as I grow older and join the workforce. Being able to interact will all kinds of people of most levels of intelligence. Communication is key and with knowledge it is possible.
One fear that I have is a thing that many people struggle with and that is procrastination. Ever since the first major assignment I did I have waited until last minute to do it and that habit has stayed with me and is something that I continue to struggle with. I always try to fix it but of course it gets put off. Especially if I don’t particularly care for that subject who has happened throughout my liberal arts education, like writhing research papers over the Cuban Missile Crisis, yes it was a big deal but I am going to be teaching third graders. During my time of writing this paper I kept thinking to myself why am I doing this and then realizing because it’s a core class. Which brings us to my second fear, motivation. I have a lack of it in some areas especially in subjects that I am either afraid of or no matter what I do it can’t understand it. Thoughts such as what’s the point of this or I’m going to fail anyways so why try? Also just getting started on an assignment with no motivation is a struggle. Lack of interest in a subject is also a cause of me having no motivation to complete. I have two extremes either I love my class and cant wait to learn more, or I dislike it and count down the weeks till I never have to take it again. A third fear of mine is not being good enough. As a teen/young adult we are constantly being judged and sometimes you just aren’t good enough. Weather its through social encounters, performance, and even grades, I feel constantly that I am being judged. Also if I preform...

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