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More Than Just A Victim: The Critical Race Theory (Crt)

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More Than Just A Victim

After reviewing as much informative evidence, a person, with some critical thinking and some educational level, might acquire to see if a confrontation of a white man and a 4 group of black teenagers, which ended with a murder, would give several conclusions. One of the first conclusions that an individual can elaborate is if there would be any difference in the case of assassination if who was assassinated were the white man? Of course, many people would say that there would exist difference. On the other hand, what about if the white man had reasons to defend himself, even though he is seemed as the paranoid, just to have told the teenagers to turn down the ...view middle of the document...

CRT, therefore seeks not only to name, but to be a tool for rooting out inequality and injustice. (Trevino, Harris, & Derron, 2008) This in the case that such assertion, to any disempowered group or threatened individual, exists and could be proven, nonetheless, there is existence of evidence which prove that although the person who triggered the gun and killed a 17-year old, did not act because of possible preferences or differences about people of different color or condition. In fact, it was a difference about how moderate or how excessive music should be played.

Alternatively, the influences and stereotypes of how minorities are categorized such as performing certain habits, personality, and manners, have made a large impact in the lives of our entire society, including white community and indubitably to members of different social groups, and even when such attitudes are extenuating acts in which their own population might get jeopardized, for example, by permeating fear and insecurity while one is out there in our streets. According to proponents of the CRT’s theory, Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a critical response to ‘the problem of the color line’, which inform it with transformative politics, first in the area of legal studies and soon thereafter permeating and invigorating the margins of other fields including sociology, justice studies, and education. (Trevino, Harris, & Derron, 2008) One should think about the consequence that both parts, minorities and majorities, have to pass through after having awful and long episodes of violence, as the fact that it is not longer the seventeenth or eighteenth century and that not all minorities are slaves nor all majorities are over empowered or horrible persons; as well as that due to the lack of education and information that persists in our days, which in a way try to confront groups among them to get high...

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