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More Than Just Race: Being Black And Poor In The Inner City

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More than Just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City (Issues of Our Time)
William Julius Wilson creates a thrilling new systematic framework to three politically tense social problems: “the plight of low-skilled black males, the persistence of the inner-city ghetto, and the fragmentation of the African American family” (Wilson, 36). Though the conversation of racial inequality is classically divided. Wilson challenges the relationship between institutional and cultural factors as reasons of the racial forces, which are inseparably linked, but public policy can only change the racial status quo by reforming the institutions that support it.
Wilson commences his book with a personal encounter with “racism”. Harvard professors are usually accompanied by a respectful status and some prestige. This was not the case for Wilson. He resided in a luxurious condominium where his neighbors could not believe he lived there. When dressed in casual attires people could only interpret him as a menace. There were times where he clarified to his neighbors that he resided in this building as well. This could be seen as an act of “racism”. He then creates this problematic scenario. When walking around the inner-city ghetto part of town also he also because nervous when he sees a group of black males (Wilson, 1-4). The dilemma could be seen as followed; is it racism if you are racist to against own race?
Wilson created the atmosphere of not only binding black race with economical and social issues when there are other contributing factors as well. The plight of low-skilled inner city black males explains the other variables. He argues “Americans may not fully understand the dreadful social and economic circumstances that have moved these black males further and further behind the rest of society” (Wilson, 76). People misunderstand circumstances these people are placed in and only contribute to worsening the situations. African American males are falling behind society for many reasons. The first reason for falling behind is lack of wealth or strong incomes. Having dead-end and menial jobs creates this issue. The payment for these types of work is minimum wage. This correlates to the second problem, the lack of education. There is not enough money for African Americans to get an education. In simple terms, the more education you have intertwines with the amount of money you can make (Wilson 80-82). Lack of education also stands as a barrier for they types of jobs that are available for you. The increase of diplomas in the U.S has created a considerably harder job market. Which makes it even harder for unskilled workers to find a decent paying job.
Another reason being the technological boom in these past decades. “Many inner city black males have also been victimized by other structural factors, such as the relative demand for low-skilled labor” (Wilson 83). The fact that the number of unskilled workers is increasing and the number of unskilled labor is...

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