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‘More Than Anything Else, Journeys Are About The Challenge Of Self Reflection And The Discovery Of Something New.’

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`More than anything else, journeys are about the challenge of self-reflection and the discovery of something new.' A journey is a multilayered process, which is inevitable in ones lifetime. Ones perspective and opinion can be changed along the way. Journeys are unpredictable but all have the positive aspect of being a learning experience for its travellers, a journey full of experiences leads to wisdom and understanding. It is through these journeys that we learn new things about our lives and ourselves; it is what creates who we are and shapes our personalities. A journey can manifest in many different ways but most journeys involve an element of transformation. Inner journeys often compel people to contemplate challenges faced throughout life through a continual process of self-reflection. Most importantly, through a journey, it is how we deal with our situations and what we learn from them. This is what leads us to our end goals and destinations. Often we become so obsessed with the end result that we neglect to see the process that takes us there, the thrills of the unpredictable journey and the things we learn from both the positive and negative challenges we face. It is the process that is the most important and the attribute and knowledge that we gain from this process. The discovery we make of something new and the careful reflection on your thoughts, beliefs, behaviour, and circumstances is always rewarding.This process can be seen in the following texts, Parzival by Wolfram Von Eschenbach, Journey to the Interior by Margaret Atwood, and Dave McKean's film MirrorMask. This self-reflective process compels the individual to come to terms with their strengths and weaknesses. In the novel Parzival, Parzival's initial flaws are his youthful ignorance and selfishness, as when he abandons his heartbroken mother to become a knight or when he conceives god as a sort of feudal overlord. As the story goes on Parzival begins to notice his weaknesses, this is the time when his strengths are ultimately manifested in his final attempt to heal Anfortas. His strong traits are his empathy and wisdom. His journey through manhood brings him to a much more noble and honourable place. Parzival strove out for what he saw as an adventure. He jumped, to what fulfilled his desires and the chance to be a hero. Against the wishes of his mother, Parzival sought the realms of knighthood, that of which she thought to be evil. The absence of her son brought her to an early death in which later, Parzival was deemed "un-honourable" and he deeply regretted his actions. It was not until later, when Parzival learnt what honour was, that he started to become successful, "No kurvenval had reared him, he knew nothing of fine manners". Because of his preconceived notions and his ignorant nature he was described as "naive" and "simple", someone not set out for the vast world of knighthood. In his first...

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