More Thoughtfully...Thoughts On A Friend's Suicide

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Jon Tomsak, 26 of Lakewood, OH…took his own life on August 18, 2002. Jon worked at Daystar Boutique, and he liked having dinner and wine at the Rush Inn (the bar and grill that Jon's apartment was above.) You might have seen Jon walking around town. He usually had a bookbag with him, and there was usually a thin chord coming out of it that connected his headphones to whatever cool contraption he had his favorite tapes or CDs playing from. Jon had tons of friends, more than he usually knew what to do with. We'd see him walking along Detroit Road, and we'd find a place to pull over, turn around, and drive back to him to find out A) what was going on, B) if he needed a ride, and C) what "the good word" for the day or moment was. Usually everything was going on; Jon stayed pretty busy. If he didn't just get off work he was heading there, he may have been leaving a buddies place to walk to the coffeshop, and there was always that chance Jon was just walking around to get some fresh air and take it all in. Jon loved antiques. He had an apartment filled with beautiful, mostly hand crafted, timeless pieces of antique furniture. He was a sensational host…he wouldn't think twice about asking three times, whether or not you wanted some cold iced tea, a deliciously brewed beer, or a glass of fine wine. Jon walked with a cane toward the end of his life-to some a support for his recently injured leg (rookie skateboarding accident), to others something kind of cool that only Jon could pull off. His cane was a great cane…it even had an edge built into it, because Jon was always mindful of the dangers that lurk around us. He wasn't at all paranoid, at least not like most people would think paranoid meant. Jon's most prevalent paranoia stemmed from the amount of love he'd receive, often relative to how much he'd given back. But you can't say Jon really gave "back", because few and far between are the honest people who can say that they beat Jon to the punch in terms of offering. Jon was a 26 year old single guy, living in a little apartment in Lakewood, who worked at the head shop everyone knew about and loved to leaf through…but he valued life, his own and others, the same way a wise 90 year old man would. He lived it to the fullest, and the fact that he ended his own life-so young and with so much more to live for, can't begin to defame all the good that he gave and even enjoyed himself. His smiles were sincere, his laugh from the gut, and his honesty with all his heart and mind. Jon never wanted all of his eggs in one basket, he liked them organized to a point of precision that never left him without another option, without another friend to visit, or without another life to touch. His friends all knew each other, if not in person than through Jon's vivid descriptions and details. These past few days I think a lot of his friends have gotten to know each other more though, and the more we unpiece all the details of Jon's last few...

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