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Mormonism: "In Mormon Circle" By James Coates.

1907 words - 8 pages

"We believe in honesty, morality, and purity; but when they enact tyrannical laws, forbidding us the free exercise of our religion, we cannot submit. God is greater than the United States, and when the Government conflicts with heaven, we will be ranged under the banner of heaven and against the Government...Polygamy is a divine institution. It has been banded down direct from God. The United States cannot abolish it. No nation on the earth can prevent it, nor all the nations of the earth combined...I defy the United States; I will obey God." - John Taylor (on January 4, 1880), president, prophet, seer, and revelator, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Krakauer, 5) Mormonism is one of the world's fastest-growing and most influential Christian religions, doubles its membership about every 15 years. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the formal name of the Mormon Church) now claims more than 10 million members, more than half of whom are outside the United States.Mormonism is a Christian denomination. Mormons believe in Bible as other Christians do and accept most traditional Christian doctrines regarding faith in Christ, the need for repentance, and the importance of loving one's neighbor. Joseph Smith, the faith's first "prophet" or spiritual leader, said his intention was to restore the true religion of the Bible, not starting something entirely new. He said that he receive his doctrines directly from heaven like prophets of ancient times. Angels appeared to him and the Holy Spirit inspired his mind. He made a fresh beginning by communicating directly with God.Are the doctrines of the Mormons correct? Or maybe this is someone's thoughts follow by thousand blind people. Why some many people believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Perhaps polygamy is one of the biggest issues that peoplewant to participate in this kind of experience. Polygamy is prohibited by law but not by the Mormons religion. An addition, very important aspect is that women's rights are limited by men. Polygamy causes also lots of issues. For example, the depression of women, abuse of innocent children, and the fact that lot of people still wants to continue such an unmoral practice.Based on the book "In Mormon Circle", James Coates writes "Nothing has caused such anguish in Mormondom as has the prophet Joseph's core teaching that worthy males should cleave to as many women as feasible in this final dispensation when it is so urgent that human bodies be provided to carry the last remaining spirit babies thought the veil" (Coates, 175). Above all, polygamy brought global attention especially to men who wanted to join them. Men who wanted to have as many wives they wanted.In the 1880s was created the mounting campaign against polygamy, supported by most Americans, the protestant clergy, federal officials, and the press, which denounced the practice as a evil, an abomination, a stigma, a practice that degraded and enslaved women.The...

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