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Mormons In Utah Essay

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Mormons in UtahI intend to prove that the Mormon religion, which began to rise in bothreputation and numbers in Utah, is a strange mixer of Christianity, Americanpragmatism, millennialist expectations, economic experimentation, politicalconservation, evangelical fervor and international activity, but is still a highlyfollowed, rapidly growing, and successful religion.Mormonism is a major modern religion with more than 8 millionmembers, and over 4 million in the United States. Mormonism was foundedin 1830 by Joseph Smith who was known as the prophet. This is a young agefor such a widely practiced religion, and its numbers grow daily.Mormonism is officially the Church of Jesus Christ of ...view middle of the document...

The people whowere already present in strongly populated Mormon areas began to get upsetand act very hostile. Threats were made, and the Mormons became veryscared-scared enough to move. So they did. The Mormons reestablishedthemselves somewhere along the Mississippi River at a place known asCommerce, Illinois. They Mormons were granted permission by Chicago tolatter rename their property as Nauvoo. The Mormons still were not wanted.The people living around the Mormons became worried about their localeconomy and the affects the block voting done by the Mormons would have.The Mormons were allowed to set up their own army to protect themselves.Soon, rumors of monarchical powers and the practice of polygamy beganfloating around. This enraged locals even more and the federal governmentsent armies into Mormon territory to see if they could dispel any of theserumors. This only caused more of an upset. In 1844, Joseph Mormon and hisyounger brother were placed into a prison in Illinois on charges of treasonand conspiracy. After they were released they were promised protection bythe government, but this was not the case because shortly after their release,they were assassinated.The leadership of the Mormons fell onto the shoulders of a group ofmen known as the 12 Apostles. The 12 Apostles, knowing they couldn't stayin Illinois, decided they had to move. Brigham Young, who took over asprophet and president of the Mormon group, decided to move...

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