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Morris Long Intersexual Paper

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Between the Sexes is a compelling narrative. Through several anecdotes, it illustrates the devastating psychological implications of early surgical intervention on intersexuals. According to the article, the surgery robs individuals of their sexual gratification, their gender identity, and their innocence. It states that surgery masks social neglect. Its argument is noble, yet flawed. Authors Christine Gorman and Wendy Cole spin several sad yarns of intersexed people who are upset with handling of their gender assignment. Gorman and Cole stumble into the fallacy of hasty generalization, though, when they ask us to believe that all cases of intersexuality reflect the small group they display. That said, Between the Sexes is a strong step in the right direction towards a fair protocol regarding disorders of sexual development, even if its intentions, and its argument, are somewhat unsound.
Much of the article's missteps come from mistaking a thesis for a proposal. Arguments that fail to suggest alternative solutions possess a visible Achilles heel. While there is truth to the statement, "Doctor's have found a medical solution to what is essentially a social problem," there is also truth that, presently, there is no better method for resolving cases of intersexuallity. The article quickly runs into numerous corners in trying to discern the correct protocol. It acknowledges that, "Postponing surgery would carry its own burdens." Its depiction of medical professionals show a constant retreat into the two gender spectrum. In this way, the article's thesis is rosy eyed. There is truth within the words, but also a perception of humanity that lacks scope. In order for it to be realized, the entire world must change. Changes like that take thousands of years, if they are even possible. In this way, Between the Sexes is too hopeful.
Equally difficult is finding good information on intersexuals. Most modern surveys of this issue suffer the same pitfalls as Between the Sexes, feeling as if they take from too small of a sampling. The problem is that, be it social fear or simply disinterest, it isn't easy to find intersexuals to survey. For example, the study, "Gender Identity and Coping in Female 46, XY Adults with Androgen Biosynthesis Deficiency" takes its results from a sample of 7 intersexed individuals. The study, "They Did Not Have the Word" takes its results from a sample of 10 parents of intersexed children. Researchers are only given small pieces of the whole. That said, the survey "Gender Identity and Coping..." arrived at a terrific statement, "Although the small group of individuals studied does not allow for general conclusions, implications can be drawn for the field of counseling psychology" (Schweizer, 198). Both of these studies display a great deal of confusion regarding intersexed people and their gender identity. The study, "They Did Not Have the Word" broke down common parental responses upon realizing their child was sexually...

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