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Mortuary Science Essay

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Mortuary Science
Imagine yourself as a mortician, certified as an embalmer, retort operator, funeral director, and a funeral cosmetologist. You get a call late at night, there’s been a terrible accident and someone has died. You arrive at the hospital and are directed to a small room where the body of the deceased is being held. There’s blood all over the sheets as the doctor and coronary assistant zip up the body bag and inform you the body was badly mangled in a car accident, which is going to make reconstructing the deceased very difficult. Your assistant puts the body on the stretcher and loads it into the hearse while you talk to the wife of the deceased man. She tells you they plan to have a funeral so you give her your card and a reassuring word before leaving the hospital and driving back to the funeral home. Now your job begins, not only will you have to reconstruct this man’s disfigured body, but you must meet with the family, discuss funeral arrangements, and deal with the family’s emotional trauma that comes with losing a loved one. Although working in the funeral business can be emotionally draining, it’s a satisfying feeling to see mourning families able to say goodbye to their loved ones. Despite the fact that working so closely with the deceased can be chilling, Mortuary science can be a thrilling field to work in.
Mortuary science has several different certifications and understudies and can be dated back to 3100 B.C. Certified embalmers, funeral cosmetologists, directors, and in most funeral businesses, certified retort operators can be found within the business or local establishment. Embalming is a technique used to artificially preserve a human body for a short period of time in order to conduct a funeral and viewing ceremony. In today’s embalming labs, an embalming table, embalming machines, and many other smaller tools that are used to cut skin and bones, open blood vessels, and pump concentrated formaldehyde through the body can be found. Most families or groups of people develop a certain religion or belief as to what should happen to the body after he or she is pronounced dead. It is the mortician’s job to make sure that those beliefs and religious standards are followed to have a successful funeral.
When a human dies all of the living cells in the body die as well, including blood cells that transport oxygen from one part of the body to another. At the time of death, the process of putrefaction initiates. Putrefaction is the process in which once complex living cells are gradually transformed into simpler molecules, mainly liquids, gases, and mineral salts. The process of putrefaction is utterly irreversible. Artificial preservation of the human body was first developed for spiritual purposes such as the belief that after death the soul would need to return to the...

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