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Mosaic Scholarship Essay

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In the small communities of northwestern Wisconsin, we typically do not realize how local businesses affect our everyday lives and play an important role in our community. How often do we walk into a business and are greeted by name by one of the friendly employees? Although this does not seem unfamiliar to us, we take for granted this value that comes only from local businesses. The friendly service and close relationships is only one of the many benefits of buying services from a local provider.
Buying services such as Internet, Cable TV, cellular and telephone from a local provider will guarantee remarkable customer service. Since these local businesses are run by people from the community who genuinely care about the community and the people living in it. Local corporate offices have unprecedented loyalty to a community because they are connected to the residents and tradition of the area.
Decisions made by local service providers will be in the best interest of the consumer. Since these businesses are focused on servicing a smaller area, their decisions will be tailored to the needs and demands of the local communities—not the generalized desires of a larger market. This allows for more personalization and gives customers the convenience they prefer.
Another benefit of buying services from local providers is that the monies go back into the community. Unlike world-wide providers whose sales go into large corporations that have no connection to a distinct area. Along with profiting big corporations, these monies are used to pay for overinflated executive salaries. With local service providers, we see this money in return through sponsorship of local events and the contributions made by local businesses.
Local businesses are able to recognize the specific needs of a community and gear their services to what a community wants and what a community needs. Big monopolies are trying to target a larger group of customers and provide for a greater amount of people. This impersonal style of business can be frustrating for consumers with differing needs. The needs of people in Wisconsin may be drastically different than the needs of people in California or Tennessee. Local providers are great for the economy by offering local people specialized services for their area.
My family has experienced the benefits of local internet and cable service providers versus...

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