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The Holy Bible And Jesus Christ

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The Holy Bible is a set of scriptures that were provided to us by our Father Jesus Crist. The bible is the most important book in the history since these scriptures provide knowledge, correction and guide for the man of God to be well equipped for every good work. The bible can be found in several different versions and translations that fit a wide different set of readers. This incredible collection of religious writings begin with the Old Testament followed by the Prophets and ends with a set of writings.
The first five books of the bible best known as the Old Testament best describe the story of Israel from the creation of the world to the death of Moses. The Old Testament describes a special relationship between God and his chosen people and there is a strong emphasis on laws required to be followed and obeyed by all the child of God. Also the Old Testament talks about the Babylonian Exile which is the disaster that God created to destroy every creation on the earth caused by the loss of faith of their people. In this first five books we can appreciate the scriptures of the Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.
In Exodus we have very detailed explanation of the leadership of King Moses. Moses was a very powerful leader of the Hebrews who was born in Egypt but later on he led the Hebrew people out of Egypt. Moses was born in a very difficult time were the Paraoah of Egypt ordered that all boy babies should be drowned at birth. This order was given because the Paraoah was afraid that this baby boys could become too powerful in the future.

Moses birth is the beginning of an incredible story which is narrated to us by the scripture of the Exodus. At the time of Moses birth he had to be hidden for a period of three months by her mother Jochebed. When the three months passed her mother couldn’t hid Moses anymore from the Egypts then she decided to put him inside a chest and let him flow through the Nile river. Moses was found by the Pharaohs daughter who with compassion adopted this little child. By this means we can begin to see Gods power and also we can acknowledge that there is a plan already set for everyone of us.
Moses became a leader and a prophet who also had a specific role to apply Gods law to the people. Moses escaped Egypt and crossed the Red Sea to arrive to Midian on the east shore of Gulf of Aqaba. While Moses was in the Midian he had an encounter with God who appeared in the form of a burning bush. God instructed Moses to go back to Egypt and release all the Israelites from slavery. After this event God sent ten plagues to Egypt to request the Pharaoh the release of the Israelites from slavery.
The ten plagues were sent by God in order for the Pharaoh to repent and free the Israelite people from slavery in Egypt. After the ten plagues Moses finally led the Israelites out of Egypt trough the Red Sea where they traveled three months through the desert until they arrived to Mount Sinai. Moses knew that he could hear...

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