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Do you ever read a story and just like a character because of their traits? That is how I am with Rainsford, (The Most Dangerous Game) Jim, (The Gift of the Magi) Scout, Atticus, and Dill (To Kill A Mockingbird). These characters all have a similar linking factor, yet are different in their own ways. The main way that their are all similar is that they are all witty and smart. They do all have a variety differences though, mostly dealing with how they react to situations, some of them are quiet and thoughtful, while others are very reactive and impulsive.

Rainsford, Jim, Scout, Atticus, and Dill are all different people but they are all witty and smart in their own way. Rainsford defeats Zaroff by thinking ahead and going back to the mansion and waiting for him. He also is smart to remember the different types of traps to fool Zaroff and hurt him. Jim is also witty because he thinks of a way to buy ...view middle of the document...

In the situation between Scout and Miss Caroline, he just tells Scout to sort of fake it and not read out loud or mention writing anymore. He also makes Scout a deal that he will continue to read to her in the evenings. Dill is the last character that I really like for the intelligence trait. He is very creative and smart such as when he creates the “movies” that he, Jem, and Scout play. Another way he is creative and smart is when he sneaks away from his new dad’s home to visit the Finches.

Although Rainsford, Jim, Scout, Atticus, and Dill are all similar, they also have some pretty big differences. The main way that they all differ is how they all would react to situations. In the situation with the tree knot and the little presents, Atticus and Jim would have probably just left the items in the tree knot and not bothered with them. They most likely would have done this because they like to keep to themselves and not cause trouble with others. Rainsford would have probably walked right up to the Radley house and asked them about it. Another thing Rainsford might have done was to stake out the tree to see exactly who is putting the items there. If Jem and Scout were in the situation with buying a Christmas present with only a certain amount of money they might have haggled with someone for something they wanted or borrowed some money. Atticus probably would have made a deal with someone to promise them work or some sort of other payment. In that situation Dill probably would have lied his way through getting money by pretending to be a beggar or homeless person. Finally if Rainsford was presented with the Christmas gift predicament, based on his past actions, he would’ve gone and made something or gone to someone for a small job to get money.

In all the stories that we read there were a number of characters that stood out to me because of their traits. I liked the fact that Rainsford, Jim, Scout, Atticus, and Jem were all very smart or witty in their actions and that was the similar factor between them all. Though they were all somewhat similar in their traits, they still had many differences mostly dealing with how they would react to certain situations.

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