Knowledge: The Key To Mankind Evolving

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I am not interested. This is the most dangerous sentence anyone could utter. Not only does it convey a lack of curiosity, but it also displays a complete disregard to better oneself by absorbing knowledge that could be of major help later in life. Most knowledge one holds comes from someone that was wiser and more intelligent or from life experiences. By these men and women passing on their knowledge, they not only ensure that their legacy could live on, but that the knowledge of mankind is secure and evolving.
Many times in life exceptional people feel overwhelmed by the weight of their various activities and responsibilities. It is in these times that people are often inclined to take the easier path and simply do as little as possible. Individuals fail to realize they are only cheating themselves. In order to succeed one must first work hard to acquire the necessary skills required to accomplish desired outcomes. However, this acquisition of skills is often impossible if laziness and disinterest stand in the way. Even after working as hard as possible and attaining all goals, one should never let a sense of comfort set in. When a person becomes complacent in his or her knowledge, then the desire to continue to learn fades. Today’s society is always changing with rapid growth in new fields and new ideas of how to fix old problems. So, when a job environment changes, the employees will need to be willing to learn and adapt in order to endure. A drive to excel is necessary to succeed, but it all starts with simply being interested.
No thank you, I am not interested. This is the line most people give the salesmen and women at local stores, often desperate to sell their merchandise. The salesmen hold such great wonders. They are anxious to inform customers about the products, but often people do not listen because they think they already know what they want. This applies perfectly to teenagers across America. Many teenagers, from the time they are in...

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