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Do you like to play sports? I play three out of the five sports I’m researching, (baseball, basketball, and football) they are all dangerous. Believe it or not some of your favorite sports may be some of the most dangerous ones.

Wrestling is a much-disciplined sport. The athletes participating in this sport need to be in the very best shape they can be. Strength and endurance is a major part of wrestling and that is why it is important to stay in good shape.

The most common injuries that happen are sprains, dislocations, fractured fingers, skin infections, concussions and muscle strains. Having matches back-to-back days in a row is very risky because your body may not have recovered yet from the matches you had the day before. Avoiding severe positions could keep you at a lower risk. Certain skin infections may become contagious if not treated properly.

Football is the number one sport that causes catastrophic injuries to all age levels, for example, little league, college, and nfl. Common injuries caused in football are musculoskeletal injuries (ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendons). This sport causes the most head injuries of all (helmet to helmet hits, and tackles to the ground). Studies say that 60% of sudden deaths while playing sports happen in football. One of the presidents at Pop Warner is going to propose a rule that kids are limited to the amount of time spent doing hitting drills at practice, this will help reduce the amount of head injuries.

Some doctors recommend not letting your child play football until high school level because if you have suffered from concussions before, they are at a higher risk of getting one again. Due to concerns football enrollment has dropped almost 10%. Players that have suffered and died from severe brain trauma most likely suffered a concussion before they died. If you suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury you will most likely experience side effects later in life such as, lack of concentration, memory loss, headaches, and speech impediments. A recent test study shows kids are suffering from the same hits as people in college.

Basketball is a sport that causes brain injuries quite often. Over the past 10 years Traumatic Brain Injuries have increased by 70%. Collisions with other players are what lead kids to TBI’s. 375,000 kids a year end up in the ER after playing basketball. 75% of injuries that occur in basketball happen to boys.

Girls are more likely to sustain a knee injury or severe brain injury. The most common injury in basketball would be the ACL tear. Stretching before a game or practice reduces the chance of pulling a muscle or straining something. Eye injuries are also common in the game of basketball; elbows and fingers to the eye are what cause this to happen. Ways to prevent injuries are wearing a mouthguard, stretching, practicing the correct technique, don’t practice or play while injured. Kids ages 5-10 are more likely to endure upper extremities.


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