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Most Influencial Person Essay

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As my English literature skill happens, learning always starts with failure. In other words, Ms. Hui has great successful influence on me. One of it can be her lessons as an idea of achieving English. Good thing is she’s too ambitious enough to improve her students’ literature skills to pass her class. Therefore, she’s considered a most inspirational teacher in Bayside High School. She can even lead her students to be the college students.
In the beginning of the school year, some students like me are struggled with their reading comprehension. They can’t understand what they’re reading about. Ms. Hui, a best English literature teacher is in the classroom to teach them how to use their high-level of thinking to understand any challenging stories to annotate some facts about its topic. After her students finished reading, they have to answer the literal questions by using their notes. When they finished with their response to their story, Ms. Hui can observe their work. If she finds mistakes, she’s nice enough to give hints. In addition, when she’s doing the review, she can write any important notes about what’s going on in a story on the chalkboard. She also can define words from any works of literatures that are unfamiliar to any of her students. As her desire, students have to Ace any English quizzes in order to understand any stories/poems in the English Comprehension regent exam. Higher exam grades entitle her students to graduate high school as their main achievement.
Furthermore, Ms. Hui also can teach her students how to write creative essays. It can help any students who have poor writing skills. Each essay assignment has one critical topic question. According to her lesson, her students’ written articles have to be really understandable, follows all directions, and...

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