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Most Influential Hour Of My Life Essay Going Away To College, Saying Goodbye

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It was that moment. That dreaded moment. It was time to say good-bye to every person and every aspect of life I had ever known. I was about to get on a plane, and fly a thousand miles away to begin my college life. I was at the security check-point, the point at which no one without a ticket can pass through. It was the final good-bye.Every thread in my body was weak, and did not want to go. The hour leading up this point had been agonizing and yet unavoidable. I had decided to go to Florida State University, a twenty-five hour drive away from my home in Massachusetts. Long hours of filling out applications, writing essays, waiting, and visiting campuses, had all come down to this moment. The ride up to here had been just as bad. It all began at my house, loading up the car with everything that would fit into two suitcases. Two weeks after my graduation I was heading back to school, but this time, instead of my friendly, familiar high school down the road, it was to this big, foreign, far away school.The car was all loaded up. Somehow I had managed to shove a bedroom worth of "stuff" into two suitcases. A bedroom that had taken me eighteen years to compile was broken down and stuffed away for that long road ahead of me. I had procrastinated packing as long as I could. It wasn't until the night before I left at about 2am, that I was completely packed. My boyfriend, Jesse, and I had spent hours sadly packing it all away. It was although we were not only packing away all those physical things, but also hundreds of memory's and emotions.The ride to the airport was the shortest it had ever been, even thought I wouldn't have minded if it never ended. Jesse and I rode in the back of my mom's car, holding hands, tightly, as if we would never let go. Every so often I would sense him look at me, as though searching desperately for something inside me. I recall the look the look in his brown eyes, and the way they tore through me because they were so full of emotion. I would look away to fight the tears, fight the feelings, fight this inevitable departure. He was hurting, I was hurting. We had been incredible friends for two years. We went through the hardest times in each others lives, and the best times in them, together as friends. Then, for the last six months, we had experienced not only the events together, but every accompanying emotion, fear, and joy. We had been inseparable for those six months, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. He was not only my best friend now, but also my love. Falling in love with your best friend is truly an amazing thing that I would never give up for the world. Now, I would have to say goodbye to this piece of my heart, part of my life, and smile in my day. My heart was crushed and incredibly weak, but time was ticking away no matter.Upon arriving there, I felt full of everything, except excitement. I forced myself to be strong. For my mom and dad's sake, for Jesse's sake, for my own sake, I had to be...

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