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Most Likely To Succeed Essay

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Three major traits that college admissions look for is a student’s GPA, ACT score, and class rank. These are also three common requirements for scholarships. These three qualifications are what have cost me from being eligible for many full tuition scholarships. How is it possible for a college to know whether or not I am good enough for full tuition only based on these three traits?
This is probably close to the same question Chase Daniel was asking himself when Dan Shonka was observing him. This is the storyline for Malcolm Gladwell’s short story, “Most Likely to Succeed.” Chase Daniel is a talented college quarterback and Shonka is a NFL recruiter who has to decide whether Daniel’s is qualified for the pros. The main point behind the story is that it is impossible to tell who is good enough for a job, until the person actually gets the job. For example, at my job at The Ozark House Restaurant, all my co-workers talk down about the hostess who was there before me. According to them, she was just not hostess material; they say the restaurant business is simply not for everyone. I’ve also heard this expression during a group interview for a job at a retail store. The manager told us it is hard to decide who to hire, because someone might seem like the perfect employee, but the retail business just isn’t for some people. This is also the case with many college admissions offices.
The only knowledge a college has about an incoming student is the student’s GPA, ACT score, and class rank. I don’t believe this is fair. For example, my GPA is 4.143 while my ACT is only a 25. Although a 25 is a not an awful score, with a 4.143 GPA, I assumed it would be higher. This is also what many colleges think. Northern Illinois University has a full tuition scholarship available for students with a 3.9 GPA, top 5% of the class, and an ACT score of 33. To qualify for this, the student has to have a 33 on the ACT but only one or the other of the...

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